Get a comprehensive UX/UI audit for your Proptech product in 7 days!


At Northell, we provide expert UX/UI audits for Proptech digital products.

Our experienced designers and developers can help you identify and fix any issues with your product's user experience, leading to increased user satisfaction and higher engagement rates.


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Days for the Audit

Issues you may have come across

  1. Negative feedback from users
  2. New functionality is not integrated with the current product
  3. Short user life cycle
  4. Lack of user onboarding
  5. Poor mobile UI
  6. Not using a design system

What will you get?

  • Comprehensive analysis of your product's user experience
  • Identification of usability issues and recommendations for improvement
  • Analysis of design consistency and best practices
  • Review of user flows and information architecture
  • Actionable insights and suggestions for improving user engagement
  • A full-fledged document with step-by-step recommendations

What results can you get after the audit?

stars 4.8
The audit Northell team provided us with involved thoroughly examining the website's design, functionality, and user interface to identify areas that need improvement. Based on the audit findings, the Northell team provided recommendations and action items for improving the website's user experience. As a result, we improved user experience and increased customer engagement.
BestInsights, USA
stars 5
The audit conducted by the Northell team helped us understand what was wrong with our site and what major points needed to be changed. We have already managed to improve the user experience, and we are also preparing for a redesign based on the recommendations that Northell gave us.
Re-Construct.Co, UK
stars 4.5
We would like to thank Northell for the fast, high-quality and informative audit. After receiving the data, we were able to increase user engagement by 30%.
EstateForEstate, UAE

What does our UX/UI Audit look like?

  • Understand how valuable a particular page of your website is to users
  • Identify the main problems of your website
  • Understand how to arrange page elements correctly
  • Understand what is better to focus the user on
  • Get advice on the correct placement of content

The right fit for your proptech product

Property management product
Loan management products
Rental management products
SaaS products
Booking Apps
Hotel management products

Customizable solutions built for you

Results you will achieve:

  • kpoint 1
    Improved performance of your product
  • kpoint 2
    Inspection of weak points and creation of an action plan for their elimination
  • kpoint 3
    Product refresh
  • kpoint 4
    Compliance with trends
  • kpoint 5
    Synchronization of all functionality