FinTech Software Development

From custom P2P lending platforms to personal wallets and complex banking platforms, we provide our clients from the FinTech industry with outstanding software development services.

UX & UI development

Financial services should have a personal touch and be enjoyable to use. This may be accomplished through a well-thought-out user experience, best-practice interface design, and time-tested technology.

  • Banking apps
  • Currency exchanges
  • Personal wallets

Back-office management

Creating a centralized system that collects data from several departments and allows you to view the big picture. Many regular tasks can be automated, allowing you to focus on more essential issues.

  • Wealth management apps
  • Custom self-service portals
  • ERP software

Security and compliance

Financial services are a prime target for hackers. Financial institutions should have robust security mechanisms in place to stave off the intrusion, malware, and data leakage.

  • Cloud security
  • Protection against malware, fraud and phishing
  • ERP software

Data collection & handling

With a lot of data, fast and efficient data collection is vital. Centralized data processing validates information better.

  • Financial analytics
  • Data visualization

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FinTech solution cases

Managing and tracking investments with an interactive app

StockApp is an all-in-one investment solution for investors to track their
investments without having to spend hours making spreadsheets with limited functions and

The StockApp team aimed to provide an interactive but easy-to-use app for both beginners
and experienced investors to manage and track their investments.

Northell helped design a mobile app for iOS for interactive tracking and management.
We crafted UX/UI design for a tool enabling investors to view data on holdings with
current prices, daily changes in value, and its overall percentage weight.

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