Education Software Development

Northell helps startups, educational institutions and businesses develop products that will bring learning to the next level.

E-learning software development

Whether you represent a private company, educational institution or government, eLearning software will considerably boost your company's performance. We create products that will help automate the learning process, manage learners and analyze their results.

  • E-learning platform
  • E-learning marketplace
  • Data analytics
  • Information portals

Learning Management System Development

Northell team will help you manage and deliver content to learners at any time, anywhere convenient. With LMS, you will be able to create an automated and customized learning process as well as make it interactive and engaging.

  • Learning management system
  • K-12 LMS
  • Learning experience platform

School Management Software Development

Northell helps universities, schools and educational institutions add value to educational institution management. We offer expertise in creating different kinds of educational applications as well as learning portals.

  • Education and training platforms
  • Live video chats integrations

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Education solution cases

Education made straightforward

Education made straightforward when preparing, generating and sharing worksheets
with only a few clicks

SmartJen is an open-source learning management system that helps organize student and educators’
learning processes just in a few clicks.

SmartJen came to us to improve their existing web platform by suggesting new and advanced
features to make the user experience more seamless. They also needed their website to be
updated according to new design trends and best practices.

Northell team managed to create a user-friendly and smart UX solution with human-centered
essence. We designed a responsive web app with the following features:

  • Individual and group performance page
  • Dashboard with categorized data
  • Leaderboard
  • Messenger
  • Customizable Worksheet Generator

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