Real Estate Software Development

Northell creates technologically advanced applications for the Real Estate industry. We offer high-quality development services that will meet your business needs and goals.

Property management

Property, financial, and operational management software with the ability to view needed data on a user-friendly dashboard.

  • Property value and investment estimators
  • Hospitality management
  • Payment system integration
  • Apps for centralizing communication between buyers and sellers

Listing software

We have great expertise in developing platforms and applications that show property and enable filtering, browsing, booking, and purchasing.

  • Apartment listing aggregators
  • Apartment-finder apps
  • Online real estate auctions
  • Booking engine implementation

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Real Estate solution cases

Find the best real estate agent without stress with a high-performing platform

Agent Scout came to us with general specifications and a full understanding
of all the platform functionality. Our task was to help him put all his plans into action.
A very tedious work was done on wireframes, during which we analyzed competitors, communicated
a lot with the client, studied personas, etc.

We prepared an attractive design for the platform and started the development process.
As a result, we managed to create a large, complex platform that combines many different
features while it is very convenient and easy to use.

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