Social Network Development

At Northell, we can help improve online communication by creating customized social networks, online communities, and social media websites with meaningful interactions.

Social networks

Northell team are experts in creating social networks with user-centric features that easily connect people and make communication between them smooth.

  • Interaction and communication apps
  • Social networks for a particular target audience
  • Interest-based platforms
  • Blogging and publishing platforms

Discussion applications

People always want to talk about the latest news and their favorite subjects. We create platforms that help users share their thoughts and interact using likes, responses, content sharing, etc.

  • Community platforms
  • Discussion forums
  • Interest-based networking

Content sharing networks

Such platforms enable users to create and share videos, music, artwork, articles with others in order to connect with like-minded users and improve the quality of their work.

  • File sharing applications
  • Content sharing applications
  • Publishing platforms

Customer reviews networks

Every user's decision-making process relies heavily on reviews. Reviews networks let people share, read, and discuss feedback on a variety of products and services.

  • Anonymous social networks
  • Networks for consumer reviews

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Social Network solution cases

Fans & Followers connect with their icons on one platform

The JustAskme website connects fans with their favorite artists, creators,
influencers, friends, and even crushes. The influencers, in turn, get the opportunity to
earn by answering questions from their audience.

JustAskMe needed a user-friendly and stylish website to familiarize the users with the
opportunity, engage them in active social participation, and convey the platform's value
to both the creators and their audiences.

Northell team managed to create an engaging and stylish platform. The website was built
responsive for users and convenient for the front-end developer and the client's team.

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