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Top professionals

A high-performing platform that helps companies and C-level professionals successfully find each other.

Client Overview

Top professionals is a platform that helps companies and organizations find C-level specialists and C-level professionals get a job accordingly. Thanks to various data and analytics, C-level specialists can understand how much they are undervalued. They can also determine their professional grade and it will help them in their job search. Companies looking for a C-level specialist will be able to easily find him using analytics, filters and an advanced search system.


UI/UX Design
User Testing
I really like their professionalism and the quality of the work they produced.
Anita Miglani | Co-Founder, Actualized

The challenge

High-quality clickable platform prototype that can win the hearts of investors.

Top professionals needed a clickable prototype of their product that they could show investors in addition to their business case and pitch deck. They wanted us to develop a user-friendly and attractive design for their platform that will be comfortable for C-level specialists and companies looking for such candidates.

The strategy

Based on the concept of the application and its designs, we prepared a roadmap to start the development in an agile manner:

  • Business & user goals
  • Stakeholder & user interviews
UX Design
  • Rapid prototype
  • Wireframes
UI Design
  • Design system
  • UI Design
User Testing
  • Fully clickable prototype
  • Testing on users

The Target audience

The main target audience of Top professional platform is C-level specialists. In different companies, the positions of these people are called differently, but their essence boils down to the fact that they are personally responsible for the implementation of the company's strategy, heading a certain function or business unit.
For example:


(Chief Executive Officer)


(Chief Financial Officer)


(Chief Technical Officer)

VP of Human Resources Director of Logistics, etc


Since we worked on 4 personas, we present to your attention user flows for each of them.


We had two types of wireframes during our work on this project: rapid prototypes and several conventional wireframes.

Design System

We created an entirely new design system for Top professionals. We developed new components to make the platform modern and stylish.

UI Design

Our main task was to make a simple and intuitive design. Our customer wanted to use many graphs and charts, so we had to work a little more on visually improving these graphs. We had to use red and blue colors. A lot of time was spent on how the photos of personas look. All photos had to be in business style. Here is how the platform looks like for different personas:


Executives have a dashboard where all important information about them is collected, for example, Performance Score, Value Map index, Price Value index, Value Potential, Industry Benchmark, etc.

There is also a career experience section on the dashboard. This section includes information about the industries a person worked in, total years of experience, the number of organizations worked for, the number of countries worked in, etc. All data is visually presented in charts and graphs not to overload the platform with text.


Enterprises have a Create a Bench page, where they first fill in the necessary information about the specialist they want to find using various filters and categories. Further, according to various indicators, the most suitable specialists for their criteria will be automatically displayed. The user can view their profiles, analyze their data, and set up a meeting with the candidate they like.


Investors have a Compare Team Performance page where they can view statistics according to the different categories they choose. They can also choose in what form the graph will be presented and by what criteria (performance, demographics, diversity).


We made a full-fledged proof of concept for Top Professionals. Northell team created a fully clickable UI/UX design for the platform that worked as if you were interacting with a real platform. In general, we designed a real solution that our client could show to the investors.

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