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The world's most advanced marketing automation platform. More than 13,500 businesses rely on Referrizer.

Client Overview

Referrizer is a marketing automation platform that helps get new customers, increase repeating purchases and generate long term sustainable results. It's an all-in-one communication platform that increases referrals, boosts retention and improves local business Google reputation.


UI/UX Design
User Testing
They’re the best company I’ve ever worked with. The design work provided has exceeded the expectations of the internal team, leading to an ongoing engagement.
Andre Cvijovic | CEO, Referrizer LLC

The challenge

Moving from a typical marketing platform to evolutionary automation software that takes businesses to a new level.

Referrizer needed someone who will always cooperate with them to improve UX and platform in general. The first thing they needed was the formation of a digital strategy. And the first challenge the Northell team encountered was a process. We needed not only to design but also to build and adjust the process of updating the platform.

The second challenge was to upgrade the UX of the platform. Their platform is very large, it is regularly developed and new features are created. The CEO of Referrizer was most interested in making the platform user-friendly, attractive and straightforward. Unfortunately, their UX hasn't been updated in a long time, so we had to do our best to change the platform for the better.

The strategy

Based on the concept of the application and its designs, we prepared a roadmap to start the development in an agile manner:

  • Business, user, and discovery goals.
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • User interviews
  • Personas
  • User stories
  • Customer journey map.
UX Design
  • Information architecture
  • Wireframes
UI Design
  • Design system
  • UI Design
User Testing
  • Clickable design
  • Testing on users

The Target audience

The primary target audience is the owners of small local businesses and their employees. The Referrizer also plans to release a platform targeted at restaurant business owners.

  • Marketing & Advertising (eg consultants, coaches, accountants, lawyers, etc)
  • Professional Services (eg consultants, coaches, accountants, lawyers, etc)
  • IT and Software (companies selling software, hardware, IT related)
  • Recruiters (companies selling software, hardware, IT related)



For Referrizer, we created wireframes for the reputation management module. Accordingly, in this module, our task was to redesign the layout so that it became intuitive for different user groups. First, we got rid of all unnecessary items and buttons. Then, we figured out how best to reorganize and divide information to make it more user-friendly and understandable.

Design System

For MeetAlfred, we developed a completely new design system, changing the original style of the platform. Created new components, we improved and modernized the platform but at the same time left the branding, identity and main message of MeetAlfred.

UI Design

As we already mentioned, we worked fruitfully on the Referrizer reputation management module. We divided the whole module into 4 blocks. Let's take a look at them.


In this part of the platform, users can see all the actions that take place in each of their reputation accounts, how much reviews have increased since they started using the platform, how many reviews they have, what is their rating and how much it has changed since the previous week.

Users can also check what the latest review looks like and track their overall growth rate. Also in this block we have placed an additional panel Let’s get started so that the person who first came to the platform could quickly master it.

Next we show some suggestions on how to improve experience with Referrizer and move on to the Activity panel. This panel is shown to all users who have been working with the platform for a long time. Here they can see the last achievement ​that they received.

Boost reviews

This is a page showing different ways to interact with users, different campaigns they can run.

Reviews management

Here users can see all the reviews they have received, choose which to publish and which not. In this block, users generally perform various operations with their reviews.

Review widget

Users have the ability to copy this widget and paste it into their site. He/She can also choose what kind of widget will be and how it will look on the site.

Responsive design

After we developed the overall design for the Referrizer platform, we made a responsive version so that users could use it from any device. For the responsive version, we optimized the Dashboard, developed convenient navigation and thought over how each detail will look like on the platform.

We made sure that the activity panel has multiple states at different stages of the user experience so that users can quickly and conveniently find the information they need at different stages. We figured out how achievements should appear on the mobile version so that if users visit Referrizer from the phone, they have access to them and can share their progress with their community. We also made the filter more convenient and mobile-friendly.


Thanks to regular meetings with the Referrizer team, we established the process of product development and design. We divided everything into milestones, dealt with the main priority sections, and began working on them step by step.

We started working on UX design, communicating with users to get feedback. Then we began to create wireframes and based on them, created a design. We not only made the UI/UX design for this project, but we also improved the product as a whole. It was vital for us to interest users to visit the platform every day and help them understand how everything works.

We had a fairly long process of working on the Referrizer platform, during which we improved everything that had been done before.

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