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A job search platform for both job seekers
and companies looking for new employees.

Client Overview

ProFlourish is a job search platform where job seekers connect
with the entrepreneurial team. The platform helps companies and
organizations find their ideal candidates.


UI/UX Design
User Testing
Front-end development
Back-end development

The challenge

A full-cycle job search platform development

At the first stages of cooperation, the partner shared an idea and
concept of the future product. We have divided design challenges
into two different categories: UX challenge and UI challenge.

UX challenge

Since ProFlourish is an MVP project and we had only the product idea, we needed to draw up a full list of features that should be on the platform and remove the extra ones. We had to understand how all items should interact with each other, what information is essential to show, and what we should hide, etc.

UI challenge

The company had its own style. But during the work on logic, they had the opportunity to communicate with potential customers and receive advice from users. As a result, they decided to update the style of the platform, as the initial style guides became not relevant. Northell team helps think over how the platform should look like. The design needed to be minimalistic, gender-neutral and stylish.

Development challenge

The development challenge for our team was to understand the product logic and build effective and correct architecture. It was important for our development team that all internal components of the product and features work smoothly and correctly.

Our team needed to build a system that would be easy to scale and refine. We also needed to create a product that could withstand a large influx and work reliably.

The strategy

Based on the concept of the application, requirements
and business analysis, we prepared a roadmap to start
the development in an agile manner:

Business analysis
  • Business & user goals
  • Stakeholder & user interviews
  • Market research
  • Personas
  • CJM
UX Design
  • Information architecture
  • Wireframes
UI Design
  • Design system
  • UI Design
User Testing
  • Clickable design
  • Testing on users
  • Front-end (React.js)
  • Back-end (Node.js)
  • Testing of functionality in all browsers & extensions
  • Testing of compliance with the technical document

The Target audience

The target audience of this product is:
  • The target audience of this product is:
  • People aged 18 to 35 looking for work (outsourcing)
  • HR companies looking for specialists. (IT companies, etc.)
  • CEO of small companies



Design System

For ProFlourish, we developed a completely new design system. We created new components, some headings, dropdowns, inputs, buttons, etc.

UI Design

UI design was supposed to be simple, attractive and modern. The color of the platform was chosen by our partner. Also, non-standard illustrations were chosen that complemented the platform and made it bright and attractive.


The ProFlourish platform offers several plans that include various job posting options. There are 3 plans: Single Job Posting, 3 Job Pack and 12 Month Unlimited.

Feature articles

One of the distinguishing features of the ProFlourish platform is the Featured Articles section. Articles are published in order to attract users and help them choose the right profession and find a suitable vacancy.

Candidate dashboard

Using the Dashboard, candidates can change their profile, save the vacancies of the companies they like, create a resume and directly search for vacancies. When creating a resume, candidates can use a template on the platform or upload their own resumes.

Client dashboard

On the dashboard, clients can fill in information about their company, post vacancies and manage their subscription. When posting a new vacancy, the client indicates detailed job information (salary, company location, working conditions, responsibilities, etc.).

Job Card

The job card contains the most important and detailed information about the job. On the card, you can find what the salary for this position is, where the company that offers this job is located, working conditions (full-time, part-time, remote), the number of people who applied for this vacancy, social networks of the company, and a general description of the position (primary responsibilities and directions of work).

Development part

At this stage, we used a standardized and recognized development model to develop and implement new features gradually. We used Agile methodology, namely the SCRUM approach. We also used Jira for task management.

In fact, the product development process is divided into 5 main stages. Our developers wrote code for all product components using the documentation and architecture. The tasks were divided between the team members according to their area of ​​specialization

Stage 1. Product Technical Documentation

During this stage, we collected all the relevant information from our client to develop a product as per his expectation and requirements. We wrote technical documentation and chose technical stacks: React.js and Node.js.

Stage 2. Development

Our front-end developers were responsible for the client side of the application. Back-end developers were responsible for API and database development. We tested every new feature released. The DevOps team worked on the CI/CD process.

Stage 3. Testing

QA engineers tested all delivered code and carried out manual testing for developed components.

Stage 4. Product Deployment and Integration

After the development and regression testing from the QA team, we switched to production deployment and integration. The tested version of the product was delivered to the users for beta testing. The team collected user feedback, fixed all the bugs, and implemented some improvements.

Stage 5. Maintenance

After deploying a ProFlourish product on the production environment, if any issue comes up and needs to be fixed or any improvements are to be done is taken care of by the Northell development team.


As we had only an idea for a job search platform, we prepared a complete roadmap on product design and development. We also created a marketing website. As a result, we created a design and functionality that fully correspond to market requirements.

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