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Digital matchmaking platform for young talents and companies.

Deliverables UX/UI
design, marketing, graphic design
Country Belgium

Brief and Overview

Launch enables students and young professionals to be connected with companies in a fast, direct, and seamless manner. The platform helps students explore the best companies tailored to their needs, manage direct communication with them, and ensure suitability and trustworthiness through insights and testimonial sections.


The Launch team required UI/UX design for the website and mobile applications of the platform aimed to bring value to both students and companies seeking digital matchmaking solutions. The main requirement was to craft a student-centric design to ensure simple and user-friendly functionality with seamless and convenient navigation for users.

We strived to accomplish tasks in an iterative and real-time collaboration with the clients.

Design Process

Before getting started to build the design strategy, we obtained a brief from the client with brainstorming ideas on the application look and functionality created on the basis of the market research.

  • Understanding the client’s needs
  • User research provided by the clien
  • Evaluating the business logic of the web application
  • Analyzing existing market research conducted by the client
  • High-level wireframes
  • Web app UI design
  • Logo & marketing design
  • Web design deployment and presentation
  • Improvement of the UI/UX design features based on performance metrics and user feedback.


Based on company business goals and visions, our aim was to elaborate on the idea and craft sophisticated and ready-to-use functionality of the Launch platform. The main goal of the project was to create UX/UI design from scratch and build the business logic. Equipped with market/competitors’ research details provided by the client and leveraging feedback from the target audience, we created high-level desktop wireframes considering users’ needs.

Afterwards, once wireframes were approved by the client, we started the UI design process utilizing a mobile-first approach in order to maximally adapt the responsive design. Our designers enhanced and complemented the web application correspondingly.

Logo & UI

We helped the Launch team come up with a simple and memorable logo based on our design solutions. We chose outrageous orange and black colours for the main pallet on the while background to outline the accuracy. A minimalistic colour palette and logo design indicate clarity and simplicity. We made UI design of the web application straightforward using a white background with black text and orange buttons to make concise accents.

Taking into account that users tend to search mostly from their smartphones we were focused on mobile and created an app from a mobile point-of-view to ensure high responsiveness of the application.

Furthermore, we were engaged in marketing design activities.

RGB: 255 84 44
HEX: #FF542C
RGB: 40 40 40
HEX: #282828


We designed a responsive web app for a digital matchmaking platform allowing students and young talents to improve their prospects and visibility for companies.

Our task was to craft design with student-centricity and with a focus on companies rather than jobs. Considering these requirements we offered a design solution to expand students’ searches based on their preferences and allowing them to spot new companies for building deep and future-proof connections.

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