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Brief & Overview

Through its platform, FXF aggregates offers from participating exchanges, thus, providing users with access to the best buy and sell prices. The project strives to empower the cryptocurrency community, providing traders with top-level transparency and exceptional level of liquidity that the market couldn’t boast of so far.


The FXF project needed exceptional standardization, unification of the cryptocurrency trading system, and a unique set of features to make the solution fast, simple, and convenient both for beginner and advanced traders.

Design Process

Step 1


  • Understanding the client’s needs;
  • Defining and interviewing the target audience.
Step 2


  • Analyzing the web app logic needed;
  • User persona;
  • User stories.
Step 3


  • Style design;
  • Customer journey map;
  • Site map;
  • Wireframes;
  • UI design;
  • Responsive design;
  • Mobile app design.
Step 4


  • Website and app presentation;
  • Improvement of the UI/UX design features based on performance metrics and user feedback.


We have created the project from scratch, including the desktop version, responsive design of the web app, and a mobile app with unique features to deliver the top-level user experience.

FXF was projected to meet the needs of both beginner and advanced traders, so we created different user personas to address the requirements of both auditories.

After the detailed research and in-depth interviews, we found that all the existed cryptocurrency exchange aggregators and similar solutions had the following characteristics that could be avoided/ improved in the FXF project:

With these drawbacks in mind, we built a complex customer journey map that covered all the actions and desired functions and a site map that summarized the app architecture.


As a result, we designed a platform with much-needed standardization and unification to the cryptocurrency trading system, making it clearer and faster for traders of any experience to use. In both desktop and mobile versions, it is possible to observe oscillations on 4 markets simultaneously, see clear data sets, and track fluctuations on leading exchanges using one wallet.

By incorporating our findings of in-depth research and design expertise, the Northell team designed a top-level global cryptocurrency exchange aggregator that contains a unique set of features and user-friendly web and app functionality.

Thanks to the intuitive user interface and unrivaled trading experience, the FXF platform established itself as a first-class customized solution for beginner and advanced traders all over the world.

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