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User-friendly real estate platform with the most extensive USA agent base.

Client Overview

AgentScout is a USA real estate platform where users can buy or sell real estate with the help of the best agents in their region. New users automatically get three agents to choose from for further work. Agents help solve different types of user problems related to real estate.


Business analysis
Competitive analysis
UI/UX Design
User Testing

The challenge

A simple and easy-to-use platform for buying and selling real estate.

The client came to us with a ready-made site template and general product idea. He contacted us because his concept did not work, and our main task was to make sure that users could use the platform both for buying and selling real estate.

The main challenge for us was to understand the logic of the platform and to simplify it. We had to take into account that the platform should include a large amount of data, and the determination of the user's location should be automatic. Our goal was to make the platform understandable and easy to use.

The strategy

Based on the concept of the application and its designs, we prepared a roadmap to start the development in an agile manner:

  • Business & user goals
  • Stakeholder & user interviews
  • Market research
  • Personas
  • CJM
UX Design
  • Rapid prototype
  • Wireframes
UI Design
  • Design system
  • UI Design
User Testing
  • Fully clickable prototype
  • Testing on users

The Target audience

In general, the target audience of the Agent Scout platform is people over 30 years old, whose goal is to sell or buy real estate in the USA. Our team also worked on 4 main personas of the platform:

  • Admin is a person who can add agents to the platform and adjust the general list of agents. He can also grant certain rights to agents.
  • Agent is a person who helps people buy or sell real estate. When selling real estate, a person visits it, assesses the condition, and offers a list of improvements.
  • Buyer is a person who buys property.
  • Seller is a person who sells property.


The first thing users see when they visit the site is their location. Users choose in which mode they want to use the platform: buyer or seller. If users want to sell the property, they should fill out an information card describing what they want to sell, the property's condition, the type, the region of sale, etc.

If users want to buy real estate, they should fill in the card with the necessary data. Next, users go through the verification process, and then they are recommended to the 3 best agents. Users can choose one of the agents and contact him.


Design System

The client came to us with the old website template, but his platform was without a wide admin panel. The platform was without a specific design system and the personas needed for the full platform's operation. The design system was built, taking into account 4 personas (admin, agent, buyer, seller).

When we were building the system, we thought about what communication options should be and which buttons will be more comfortable to use. Our team manually developed Gantt charts, check-ins, checklists. For the buyer, we made a system of convenient house customization.

We used some already known icons but made them in corporate style. Unique icons and graphic elements were also developed. We created new components, some headings, dropdowns, inputs, etc. We chose neutral colors for the platform but made the main elements brighter.

UI Design

We created the UI design considering what main color the client wanted to use in the product and how he saw the visual part of the platform as a whole. Our main goal was to design the platform so that it inspires trust among users and is visually attractive.

Admin Dashboard

The admin has a list of agents, area managers, account settings, and help settings on the dashboard. The admin can give certain rights to agents. In the list of agents, the admin has the right to add a new agent and manager. The list of agents is also divided into active agents, need to activate agents and blocked agents. There is also filtering in the list of agents for a more convenient search.

Buyer Dashboard

At the beginning of using the platform, buyers answer a number of questions (area of purchase, time of moving, type of property, approximate price, number of bedrooms, etc.) that will help them select suitable agents and buy a good property.

When buyers have chosen an agent with whom they want to cooperate, they can contact him and discuss the details of the real estate purchase. The agent, in turn, is looking for suitable options for the buyer.

On the Dashboard, buyers have transaction history, tours scheduling and account settings. Buyers can complete their profiles by adding a photo, mailing address, phone number, etc.

Seller Dashboard

On this page, users get a list of exercises to perform. They can also view detailed documentation on these exerciOn the Dashboard, sellers have a list of proposals where they describe what they want to sell, the property's condition, the type, the region of sale, etc.

They also have transaction history, tours scheduling and account settings. There is also a property preparation section on the seller dashboard. After sellers describe the property they want to sell, they are offered 3 agents to choose from for further cooperation.

An agent can visit the property, assess it, and suggest improvement options to raise the price.Sellers can see a list of property improvements (suggested by an agent) on their dashboard. If the seller agrees to the property improvements, the work plan will be presented in the calendar in the form of a Gantt chart.

Agent Dashboard

Agents have their own profile page where they fill out the information about themselves (general biography, work experience, recent sales, work schedule, video about themselves, license, certificates, etc.). On the Dashboard, they have a list of clients with the option to schedule an appointment with a specific client. In the Performance section, agents can see their successes and progress in work.

Home Sale Proceeds Calculator

Our team has worked hard to create a calculator with which you can calculate the net profit from the sale of your property. If you are selling real estate, you just need to fill in the required fields, and the calculator will calculate how much money you will receive. The results can be downloaded as a PDF document.


We have completely changed and simplified the idea with which the client came to us during this time. We created the platform logic from scratch and made it as simple as possible. Our teamreated UI / UX design for the desktop version of the platform. We also created the design for some platform pages for the mobile version. In general, the client was satisfied with the work done.

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