Top Rated MVP Development Companies For Your Startup [Update 2023]

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MVP Development Company: Overview

An MVP development company is a group of specialists in different areas related to product development. The company is composed of programmers, UI/UX designers, product managers, and many other specialists who are required to develop the best product for you. They have the necessary skills needed to transform your idea into a marketable product. 

One good example of an MVP that was a success is Instagram. Initially, it was meant for checking in, gaming, and photo sharing. The market responded by mostly using the photo-sharing feature.

It enabled the developers to know what the people wanted, and they focused on that aspect. As a result, the application is a big success. It grew exponentially, assuming millions and millions of users.

How Does It Work?

MVP stands for a minimum viable product. It is a working basic product of the intended complete project, with only the core features. MVP Development enables you to test your idea before being fully developed. It facilitates easy modification to the product as features are added and removed, depending on how the clients are responding to the MVP product.

When the MVP becomes a complete product, it will be a working application as it will have been practically tested.

MVP is one of the most popular product development strategies. MVP development companies enable one to come up with a working product that has been practically validated through user interaction.

Below is a description of how the MVP development company works.

  • You come up with your idea, which you want to develop.
  • You meet a business analyst who will help you to review your requirements and explain how they are applied to your business. It is essential because statistics have shown that 34% of startups fail to make it through. Why? Because they don’t understand what the market wants.
  • You meet the developing team, which will be responsible for transforming your idea into a real product.
  • First of all, designers develop the visual part of your product. 
  • Copywriters create original content that verbalizes your mission and attracts customers’ attention.
  • Then, developers make your product function using the technology stack you agree on.
  • Before the deployment, quality assurance engineers carefully check the functionality and user experience and improve the product. 

MVP Development Process

The MVP development process is like a roadmap that takes one from point A to point B. Now, almost everything is occurring online.

At Northell, we use the standard for every MVP project we do. As such, we develop quality products, which are competitive on the international market.

Step 1. Product Discovery

Northell Case Study:

This stage involves gathering all necessary information that will define the direction to be taken during the MVP app development. Product discovery helps you to align the business aims to the customer’s needs. 

Here are the stages of product discovery:

  • Business analysis. It includes identifying the needs of the business.
  • SWOT analysis is then used to analyze the ideas obtained from the business analysis. This way, you identify the strengths and weaknesses of the product to be developed. It also brings out potential opportunities and threats that exist and those that may arise during and after the MVP app development
  • The creation of ideal personas who are likely to use your products. The design should be able to fulfill the needs of the personas, meet their demands, and exceed their expectations. Personas enable you to create a project that relates to your targeted audience.
  • Recommendation of solutions. The solutions must be in line with solving the problems being experienced by the customers. 

Step 2. UX Design

Northell Case Study: BridgeX [UX Design]

BridgeX - Northell Case Study

UX design concentrates on the user experience when they interact with the product. It focuses on making the product easy to use. 

Features of UX design:

  • Improves the customer experience when using your application.
  • Sets you apart from your competition.
  • Increases user engagement with your application.
  • Increases conversion.
  • Adds to the company’s trustworthy reputation.

Northell Case Study: SecureFlag

Step 3. UI Design

UI stands for the user interface. It is concerned with the general presentation layout of the software and its ease of use for clients.

Northell Case Study: SecureFlag [UI Design]

A product with a good UI should be usable by average people and those with different impairments. 

Features of UI design:

  • Attracts new clients.
  • Increases brand loyalty and retains existing clients.
  • Makes it easy for clients to navigate through your application.
  • Is accessible to all people with different impairments.

Northell Case Study: BridgeX [UI Design]

Step 6. QA/Testing

Testing is the final stage before deploying the MVP into the market. A few selected individuals are presented with the product to navigate and provide their feedback. This stage enables the possibility of refinement of the prototype to be ready for deployment. 

Reasons why QA testing is essential:

  • To discover hidden faults.
  • To prevent system failures, such as communication breakdown and security breaches.
  • To reassure excellent user experience.

MVP Development Company: Main Requirements

Relevant Experience

When looking for an MVP software development company to develop your product, consider the experience of the company in creating similar products to what you want. Don’t look at when the company was established but rather find the number of projects they have done.

Another factor to consider is the industry for which the company has created products. For example, some MVP companies specialize in developing MVP products for the health sector, others – for e-commerce or fintech, etc.

Technology Stack

Before choosing an MVP software development company, you should have a list of the prerequisite skills required. The specific goals of your business will determine which technologies must be used. For example, if you want a secure database for your MVP product, you need to find specialists in the blockchain. 

Besides, the technology stack must include up-to-date technologies like cloud computing and Rapid App Development. This ensures that you have a wide range of choices available, depending on the features you want.

Recommendations and Reviews

Reading the capabilities of a company from their website or social platforms is not enough. You must confirm what they say from other previous clients who have used the services of that particular company. The reviews of a company can be found on these platforms:

  • Clutch is the most reliable as it’s really difficult to post fake reviews there.
  • DesignRush.
  • Trustpilot. 
  • Goodfirms, etc. 

Real customer feedback enables you to know the true capabilities of the company and its delivery reputation. Also, the review platforms help you to confirm the legibility of an MVP software development company. Besides, to identify the real feedback, pay attention to the following:

  • Check primarily negative reviews. This way, you will know what to expect from the cooperation with that particular company.
  • Check the companies and accounts of reviewers to ensure they are real.
  • Do not trust Google Business reviews. They are often fake.
  • Get in touch with those who left positive or negative feedback – learn more from them.

Qualified Team

An MVP company should have a skilled team to ensure that your end product is complete in all its aspects.

A qualified team is at least comprised of:

  • Business Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • UX Designer
  • UI Designer
  • Front-end Developer
  • Back-end Developer
  • QA Engineer
  • Copywriter

A product developed by a non-qualified team is noted by being good in one aspect and then being a complete disaster in other aspects. One good example is Yahoo before Google took over as the most used search engine.

The layout of the Yahoo search page was clustered with a lot of content, which made navigation difficult. This shows that the UI and UX designers did a poor job. Then, Google came with a simple interface that was easier to use. The result? Google is the most preferred search engine. 

Also, another thing to note is the passion and enthusiasm of a team. A highly spirited team is more likely to develop a product that will exceed your expectations.

List of Top 25 MVP Development Companies Update 2023

1. Northell 

Situated in: Ukraine

Established in: 2019

Team size: 30+ professionals

Why choose Northell

Why choose Northell

Northell is a company with a compact team of highly professional personnel. They design, develop, and maintain b2b/b2c companies.

They specialize in crafting MVP products that are meant to accelerate business growth. Their main area of expertise is product design and web development.

Their approach to product development is in creating scalable products, which satisfy business needs. They track the dynamics of the product and continuously monitor its progress to ensure that it is always producing effective results.

The company is in the top 20 on Clutch and top 4 on Manifest. To get the best MVP product that will propel the growth of your company forward, consult the Northell MVP development company.

2. Bacancy Technology

Situated in: Miami, USA

Established in: 2011

Team size: 500+

Bacancy Technology is one of the best MVP development companies, which provides mobile and web solutions. They use major technologies in the creation of their products. They are spread all over the world with 9 offices in 6 countries. They have worked with many Fortune 500 clients.

3. FATbit Technologies

Situated in: Mohali, India

Established in: 2004

Team size: 200+ professionals

It is one of the leading software development companies that provide a variety of services, including MVP development. It has a team of highly professional specialists, and they create robust and scalable products to suit any market. The company prioritizes customer relationships and provides long-term service to its clients.

4. UIG studio

Situated in: Krakow, Poland

Established in: 2010

Team size: 30+ professionals

UIG Studio products are centered on the human element. They provide services for all sizes of companies. Agile practices are implemented in their working procedures to maximize innovation. They are specialists in developing mobile apps and MVP development. On top of that, they develop GIS software.

5. Digiteum

Situated in: Minsk, Belarus 

Established in: 2010

Team size: 50+ professionals

Digiteum specializes in web, mobile, and IoT development. They include current technologies in their products, such as chatbots and Artificial Intelligence (AI). They have a dedicated team that has a broad skillset. They prioritize the completion of projects within the specified time frame.

6. Confianz

Situated in: North Carolina, USA

Established in: 2008

Team size: 50+ professionals

Confianz builds both Android and IOS mobile apps. Additionally, it provides web development services. They provide end-to-end integrated solutions for their clients.

7. Classic Informatics

Situated in: Australia, India, and the USA

Established in: 2002

Team size: 150+

Classic Informatics is a software development that uses different technologies to create its products. They create scalable products for both startups and enterprises. On top of e-commerce solutions, they also offer MVP development.

8. Intelivita

Situated in: Ahmedabad, India

Established in: 2015

Team size: 25+ professionals

Intelivita specializes in mobile app development, AR and VR, and MVP development. In their products, they implement AR and VR to create an enhanced user experience with a futuristic feeling.

9. Net Solutions

Situated in: Chandigarh, India

Established in: 2000

Team size: 200+ professionals

Net Solutions offers products designed to provide a premium user experience. Their main strategy for the growth of their clients’ products is to provide products with a better customer experience to increase the clients’ base. They use over 30 technologies and services in product development of varying requirements. They specialize in developing web and mobile app development.

10. Amplework

Situated in: Jaipur, India 

Established in: 2016

Team size: 30+ professionals

Amplework is an MVP company that focuses on delivering products of high quality and outstanding performance. It offers services in web, VR, IoT, and mobile app development. Moreover, they also provide solutions for wearables. After creating a product for a client, they document the source code for your product for continuous maintenance services and possible improvements.

11. Reinvently

Situated in: Palo Alto, CA, USA

Established in: 2010

Team size: 50+ professionals

Reinvently offers its services to companies seeking digital transformation of their services with enhanced user experience. They develop MVP-based scalable mobile apps for both iOS and Android platforms.

12. DevSquad

Situated in: Utah, USA

Established in: 2014

Team size: 35+ professionals

DevSquad is a development company that offers the following services: SaaS, API, MVP, and UI/UX development. Before releasing a product into the market, they ensure that it has been thoroughly tested. They aim to develop innovative MVP products for their customers through effective use of their resources in product creation.

13. Innovify

Situated in: London, UK 

Established in: 2011

Team size: 150+

Innovify specializes in software and mobile development. Besides, among their services is IT consultation, which caters to all business sizes: from startups to enterprises. This MVP Development UK company prioritizes collaborative working with their clients to ensure that the end product satisfies all the clients’ requirements.

14. Oyelabs

Situated in: Panchkula, India 

Established in: 2019

Team size: 35+ professionals

Oyelabs specializes in MVP mobile and web application development. They also offer other services, which include blockchain, IoT, and machine learning. The company creates robust products, which are client-focused and data-driven.

15. SmartIT

Situated in: Minsk, Belarus

Established in: 2011

Team size:  150+ professionals

SmartIT Company offers services in MVP and software development. They also offer application management and support services to already existing products. SmartIT implements modern technologies to produce high-quality products for their clients. SmartIT has provided its services to clients in the insurance and health industries.

16. Cabot Technology Solutions Inc.

Situated in:  Cochin, India

Established in: 2006

Team size: 150+ professionals

Cabot Technologies is an MVP development company that offers UI/UX design services. Additionally, they provide IT and cloud consultations. Their main specialty is in healthcare product solutions. 

17. Sourcebits

Situated in: USA 

Established in: 2006

Team size: 200+ professionals

Sourcebits is a software development company that specializes in digital marketing, website and mobile app development. Their strategic execution in product development has enabled them to complete numerous complex products. They also specialize in UI and UX design.

18. Open Xcell

Situated in: India  

Established in: 2008

Team size: 200+ professionals

Open Xcell company provides services in mobile app and web development. They are experts in creating digital applications, cloud deployment, and maintenance services. Their main clients are medium to large companies, which makes them not suitable for low-budget startups.

19. Monterail

Situated in: Wroclaw, Poland 

Established in: 2010

Team size: 150+ professionals

Monterail is a full-service software development company that uses modern software development languages like Ruby on Rails and JavaScript. Monterail is in the top 1000 companies by Clutch.

20. ScienceSoft

Situated in: McKinney, USA

Established in: 1989

Team size: 800+ professionals

ScienceSoft is one of the biggest software development companies, offering services in almost every software category. They provide software development for all operating systems and browsers. On top of that, they do IT consulting, cyber-security, and data analytics. ScienceSoft provides IT Solutions for both cloud-based and on-premise architecture. They have immense experience acquired from working with numerous clients from different sectors. The company implements the latest technology in its product development to produce innovative end products. 

21. Cygnet Infotech

Situated in: USA, Europe, South Africa, UK, New Zealand

Established in: 2000

Team size: 500+ professionals

Cygnet Infotech is a development company that focuses on software, website, and mobile application development. They are known for developing MVP products more quickly than anticipated, ensuring the quick release of the product into the market.

22. Dashbouquet Development

Situated in: Minsk, Belarus

Established in: 2014

Team size: 40+ professionals

Dashbouquet Company offers MVP, mobile, and web development services. They utilize machine learning to develop products for their clients. 

23. Appinventiv

Situated in: Noida, India

Established in:  2014

Team size: 500+

Appinventiv is a company equipped with a skilled full-stack team. Their main aim in product development is to provide high-quality, innovative products. They also offer cycle product development services.

24. Contus

Situated in: Chennai, India, and Sunnyvale, USA 

Established in: 2010

Team size: 150+ professionals

Contus specializes in MVP development for mobile applications. It is one of the trusted companies to develop MVP products within a short time. They develop products for all companies’ sizes. They also have an option for companies to hire their developers using an hourly rate model.

25. Glorium Technologies

Situated in:  New Jersey, USA

Established in: 2010

Team size: 150+ professionals

Glorium Technologies is one of the best mobile and web development companies. Its team of highly skilled developers with diverse skills ensures rapid MVP product development. They are also experts in enterprise products development and integration services. For startups and medium businesses, they offer affordable hourly rates.

MVP Development Company: How to Hire Successfully?

To achieve the set results, hire a company that knows the fundamentals of MVP development. Sometimes a brilliant idea can be ruined by the inability of developers to bring it into reality.

Therefore, for that not to happen to you, read the article below, which provides detailed steps on how to hire successfully an MVP development company.

Analyze Your Problems and Requests

Before acquiring the services of developers, you must understand exactly what you want. Answer the questions:

  • What is your MVP about?
  • What is the level of your product?
  • What are your audience and competitors? What have they already done and how to improve their progress?
  • What does the market expect you to produce?

It will help you make clear requests to developers concerning the specifications of the required product. Also, ensure that the specifications of your product align with the business objectives.

Choose the Best Model of Cooperation

There are 3 models of cooperation: 

  • hourly;
  • contract; 
  • dedicated team. 

Depending on the product, only one of these models would be the most appropriate. Your choice depends on:

  • Budget.
  • Scope of work. Hourly model is best for one-time edits or some weekly design materials. The contract model is for product owners who know exactly what they want to develop. 
  • Understanding of your product. A startup should clearly define its goals to choose the right model as all of them can cover its needs, depending on what they want. 

Write Software Requirements

Next, you will need to note down the design specification of your product. It defines the expected performance of the MVP product. Additionally, it describes the functionality of the MVP product.

Purpose of the design specification:

    • full project overview;
    • main needs and goals;
    • target audience;
    • functional requirements and desired set of features;
    • aesthetic aspects;
    • non-functional details;
    • recommendation and prohibitions;
    • questions;
    • monetization model.

Start Your Hiring Process

It is one of the crucial phases of finding the most suitable MVP development company. There are different platforms where you can find the companies to develop your project. All About Technical Hiring

  • Google. All the MVP app development companies have their sites online to advertise their services. 
  • Freelance platforms like Freelancer and Upwork. Companies and individuals offer their services there. 
  • Social platforms like LinkedIn. There are numerous professionals available with their CVs, skill sets, and feedback at hand.

Select MVP Development Company

After searching and selecting MVP companies capable of doing your project, you need to further assess their reputation online:

  • Search for their reviews on Trustpilot, which gives accurate ratings on what the clients think about the MVP Company. The one with the best reviews is likely to satisfy your requirements and probably exceed them. 
  • Take time to look at their sites if they have any. The presentation of everything will help you see if they are as good as they say they are. 
  • Check their services, pricing, and timeframe.

The MVP app development company Northell has great customer reviews and an impeccable online presence so that you can trust them to take care of your product.

Set KPI and Analyzing Cooperation

To set your KPI and analyze cooperation, you should pay attention to the following: 

  • Deadlines. 
  • Communication.
  • Attention to the project’s details.
  • Staying on budget.
  • The quality of the product at each development stage.

MVP Development Company: Average Cost and Timeline


Average Cost

On average, the development of an MVP product can cost around 10% to 50% of the final project. An MVP allows you to minimize costs and eliminate the possibility of a budget burn.

CBInsights report suggests that 29% of the startups fail as a result of a budget burn, meaning that they run out of money before the application is complete. The final cost of MVP development depends on multiple factors, which include:

  • The number of features in the product and their complexities.
  • The complexity of the design.
  • Type of product (web or mobile applications).
  • The degree of performance, security, and scalability requirements.
  • The geographical location of the outsource team. Coders from Asia, America, and the USA have various pricing.
  • Size of the team. The bigger the team, the more expensive it is.
  • Development approach as in whether you want to build your in-house team or outsource.
  • Time for the MVP product to be complete.

There are three approaches that you can take to develop your MVP product.

1. In-house team

The total overall total costs for having an in-house development team range from $160,000 to $180, 000.

2. Hiring Freelancers

Another option for developing your MVP product is to hire freelancers. They have an average hourly rate of $20 to $60. It brings the average total costs to around $30,000. 

3. Outsourcing

Outsourcing is when you acquire the services of already an established company. The average cost of outsourcing ranges between $25,000 and $50,000.

Timeline for MVP Development

The deadline is determined by the available budget. The budget, on the other hand, is determined by the number of features that need to be present in the product. The timeline depends on:

  • design specification;
  • experience;
  • team members;
  • current team’s workload.

An MVP development takes around 1-2 months for it to be fully developed. Fully-fledged product development takes around 6-12 months.



Congratulations for reading up to the end! You can bring your idea into the world by following the advice given above. Now you know how to:

  • Define an MVP product and how it is beneficial to a company compared to a completely developed application.
  • Wisely choose a development company meeting the main requirements to develop an MVP product for you.
  • Transform your idea into a marketable product.
  • Easily look for and choose the best MVP development company to create your project.
  • Choose the development company for your project among the 25 best companies listed in this article.
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