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What do you know about Technical Hiring? The need for IT expertise is always increasing as businesses strive to stay ahead of the competition by pushing the frontiers of innovation. While technical skills such as software development, UX design, and data analysis are in great demand, many of these professions have a restricted talent pool.

What is Technical Hiring in 2021?

Technical hiring is the process of finding, screening, and evaluating applicants who are qualified for specific technical positions. Finding excellent technical talent from a sourcing pipeline to fulfill the hiring manager’s criteria is what technical hiring entails.

Considering the breakthrough technologies that appear on the market every year, some changes are constantly taking place in the IT field. But one aspect remains constant: IT organizations and product companies continue to work hard to find enough talent to meet the current demand.

Technical talent is a term that refers to the talent pool of candidates and employees who possess the abilities necessary to fuel innovation and success at any organization. It encompasses various roles, including software developer, IT professional, computer science professional, data scientist, engineer, etc.

The technical hiring process has become challenging for employers because technical specialists are in high demand. As a result, companies have had to change their hiring strategies, with organizations battling each other to make the best job offers.

Talented technicians can improve the company’s products and services. They are needed to help companies stay competitive. However, today’s technicians have high expectations, so it has become challenging to find a job for talented people.

Key factors in Hiring Technical in the IT market

Hiring technical talent is a complex process that needs excellent preparation. The most significant resource or asset of any organization is its employees. Losing critical talent to competitors or failing to hire for the necessary talents might result in your company losing its competitive advantage in the market.

This technological skill will also lead to product and service innovations. These are the people who will understand your industry’s and business’s day-to-day difficulties, and they will be able to drive top-level strategy via their experiences.

Certain talents and expertise are hard to come by in many sectors, so having a proactive recruiting procedure in place can assist in guaranteeing you secure the best personnel available. Losing this talent to competitors may be a significant setback, allowing your competitors to leverage talents and information that you sorely require.

Eastern Europe is considered to be the best and most profitable place for hiring technical specialists. According to the “Software Development in Ukraine, Poland, Belarus and Romania in 2019” report published by Capital Times, AVentures Capital, Aventis Capital, these four countries represent a fast-growing, highly competitive and attractive source of talent for the global IT industry.

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The IT outsourcing sector in Central and Eastern Europe is developing at a 4-5 times higher rate than the worldwide average: 20-25% per year vs. 5% per year. Combined with increased profitability, this makes the region an attractive destination for M&A deals. More than 70 deals have been announced in the region over the past 4 years.

Here are some of the most critical factors you should take into account while hiring technical in the IT market:


Before technical recruiting, the first thing that many employers ask is, “How much will it cost me?” Because technical hiring is filled with some misunderstandings and myths. You must first determine how much it will cost you to hire a specialist who will deal with this process.

The recruiter fee, which might be 20–25 % of the new employee’s salary, is frequently the most expensive part of the process. According to Top Echelon, the initial average wage is $93,407, so there’s up to a $23K cost in return for vetted talent, on top of paying that salary and other connected expenses (training, etc.).

Next, you should calculate the costs of creating all the applications you need, purchasing premium accounts of various tools that will help you improve and speed up the process, and so on.


It would be best if you thought about what, besides money, you can offer your future technical talents. It is essential to show what goals your company has, your mission and vision, what experience and portfolio an employee can get while working in your company, what benefits you can offer and what makes you different from other companies.


While recruiting tech specialists, think about the people who will surround them. Does your company have team members who will help you develop your future technical specialist, who will be interesting to him and can motivate him? For new employees, the atmosphere in the team and the ability to learn something new are vital.

What must you know before starting Technical Hiring?

Before you begin looking for the best candidates, you need to be clear about the vacant roles. To make tech recruiting successful companies should start by accurately determining their hiring requirements.

Once you’ve covered all of the critical facts about the role, you should express the goals, requirements, required expertise and skills, tech-stack, and general working conditions and benefits to your recruiters.

The following are critical components of successful tech recruiting:

  • Understanding the position
  • Understanding tech talent
  • Enhancing the interviewing process
  • Using the recruitment tools correctly
  • Building an online presence and having a social media recruitment strategy

Your goals in Technical Hiring

Overarching recruitment objectives should be founded on a series of smaller goals. Setting goals is a critical component of technical hiring. As such, it is essential to give it the attention it deserves. When done correctly, tech hiring may have a profound effect on your whole organization.

To assist you in setting more relevant tech recruitment goals, let’s analyze a few common mistakes to avoid:

  • Setting unmeasurable goals

Your recruitment goals can influence your sourcing strategy and your employer brand for tech talent. However, irrespective of the specific goal, the results should be measured.

  • Setting hiring goals that don’t align with your business goals

The foundations of the future of your company are laid by your technical team. Your recruitment goals must be the same as your organization’s direction.

  • Setting Goals Without Deadlines

It’s difficult to say when a specific talent hunt will come to an end. As you presumably know, it is significantly tougher to recruit for some technical positions than others. However, when you plan to attain or re-evaluate all of your goals, you should have a deadline. This method may seem overly uncompromising, but deadlines minimize in several ways the ambiguity about your recruitment. It pushes you to consider the resources necessary to carry out a task.

Your possibilities in Technical Hiring

It is important to determine your possibilities in technical hiring. Otherwise, the process may be delayed and you will miss specialists who really match your company. For example, if your project should last 6 months, calculate how much a specialist will cost you and what you can give him during this time. Determine if your working conditions and salary match the expectations of the candidate. Will your project be exciting and do you need a technical specialist in general? Once you have identified your possibilities, it will be easier for you to set up the hiring process.

Do not do this in Technical Hiring

To make the technical hiring process successful, take a look at what we do not recommend doing during hiring tech talents.

Do not do things chaotically

If you do not focus on the main thing and do not finish tasks before starting new ones, it will lead to confusion in the process, stress, and not achieve the main goal you set.

Do not take words on trust

During hiring technical talents, do not trust people who do not prove their words with skills and experience. As a result, you may have problems with the selected candidate and lose time and money.

Do not make a compromise

The candidate can develop professional skills, can learn to better communicate with people … But if the person is a liar or carelessly about performing work tasks, this is unlikely to change. Never compromise on these characteristics.

5 Tips for your Technical Hiring process. 100% Successful Strategy


Read our list of IT recruiting tips to learn how to recruit top tech talent.

Tip #1 Emphasise your strength

Tech professionals desire to work for the greatest companies. It is advantageous if your organization has a well-established brand. But how do you handle IT recruiting if you work for a small business or a startup?

Any organization has some strength and will almost certainly have some perks to offer to potential employees. Your goal is to represent such strengths and demonstrate them to potential candidates.

Your organization, for example, may be starting a new project. As a result, the newcomer will get to work on it. Mention it at the start of a technical hiring process. Explain the nature of the project and why it should be appealing to the candidates.

Describe how it will affect the company and the world outside of the organization. Demonstrate to the possible recruit that this may be a fantastic chance to work on something important and fascinating.

Tip #2 Focus on what tech talents want

If you want to recruit the top IT talent, you must first understand what they are looking for in a new role. Knowing the demands of professionals and clarifying how they will be addressed in the company is critical to the success of attracting tech talent.

The following are the primary requirements and desires of IT specialists:

  • Identification with the company’s goals: If the employee does not feel that he is a part of the organization, he will be uninterested in the role. It makes no difference the methods you choose; the odds of success are extremely low.
  • Interesting products: high-level professionals are demanding of the projects on which they work. They seek to solve problems, find answers, and create new ways of doing things.
  • High-quality equipment: Everyone wants to work with advanced tools and cutting-edge hardware. If your organization can supply it, you will have a distinct advantage. Bring it up throughout the IT hiring process.
  • Professional management: developers want to engage with individuals who are knowledgeable about their industry.

Tip #3 Master technical terms

We all know that recruiters aren’t always developers. As a result, knowing all of the technical terms associated with the topic may be difficult. However, if you want to employ the proper people, you must first understand the fundamentals. Finally, in order to construct an accurate job description, you must first comprehend the fundamentals of the position.

But don’t become too technical. You may be familiar with numerous technical phrases, but developers prefer to connect with people rather than machines. That is why you should keep your communications “human.”

Tip #4 Work systematically with the right sourcing channels 

It is critical to choose a sourcing channel that will instill trust in the potential applicant from the outset. Here are some of the examples of the most relevant sourcing channels:


Linkedin is a professional network for specialists and their clients. Companies seek potential employees there, and talents search for work. This network is ideal for recruiting IT professionals. In his/her profile, you may review the possible candidate’s experience, credentials, and any job-related information. This network allows you to contact suitable prospects on a personal level.

Freelance websites and platforms

If you decide to proceed with hiring through freelancer websites, you typically have two options:

  • You may post a job and then wait for specialists to begin bidding. After that, you choose the best candidates.
  • You can individually contact the freelancers. It might be a more time-consuming operation. However, it guarantees that you will contact freelancers who have the necessary skills and experience.

Staff augmentation companies

If you want to receive the finest answer for tech talent recruiting, the best alternative is to address your demands to a staff augmentation company. They all work on the same principle: they hunt for professionals who meet your specifications for a fee.

If you require a dedicated team, they will form one for you. It is a fantastic alternative if you want all of the work done by professionals. In certain circumstances, a staff augmentation company may provide you the opportunity to manage your team. It is a viable solution for those wishing to hire technical specialists remotely.

At Northell, we offer dedicated web development teams with advanced degrees and solid experience to fit the company’s needs at scale. We take care of their administration and professional development.

Tip #5 Make technical talents want to come to your company

This is one of the most challenging aspects of technical hiring. You should constantly strive to establish an image for the organization that will attract technical talent. There are various ways to do so:

  • Make your employment offer appealing. Mention the company’s strengths and advantages. Don’t neglect to remind the candidate about the opportunities that await him if he is selected for the position. This is critical for a smooth start to the technical recruiting process.
  • Create a sophisticated strategy. It will assist you in keeping track of the applications. Use sophisticated algorithms to make the search for and selection of appropriate candidates easier.
  • Demonstrate to potential employees that they will receive more than simply a salary. Inform them that the organization will take their needs and ideas into account. Show them how they may develop and progress in their new role. The results of the tech recruitment procedure will then pique their attention.

How Northell can help with Technical Hiring?

At Northell, we can help and support you at all stages of the hiring technical talents process.

Thanks to our extensive experience in the IT field, we can help you find the specialists you need, check their professional skills, deal with documentation, indicate stacks and much more.

We will also advise you and determine which employees are needed for your specific project or company as a whole, tell you where it is better to look for candidates and how many resources you will need for all this process.

Wrapping up

Technical hiring is challenging. You will be rewarded with the best-fit applicants for your company if you employ the appropriate tactics and tools. We tried to cover the most effective approaches to identify, attract, and eventually employ qualified tech talent in our technical recruitment article.

Choose the best solutions for you and don’t be afraid to take advantage of all the benefits that modern technology has to offer.

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