How to Hire a Node.js Developer in 2023?

2457 Updated 01.11.2023
Vasyl Polych

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What is Node.js?

Node.js is both the most popular JavaScript platform and one of the most popular back-end technologies. And it comes as no surprise, as web development gets faster and easier due to Node.js modules, tools, and IDEs. What’s more, this technology is scalable and lightweight. 

Hire Node.js Developer: Short Overview

The number of Node.js developers amounts to roughly 1.5M professionals worldwide, according to LinkedIn. Though the number seems overwhelming, it is still not enough to satisfy global market needs. The US labor market alone struggles to fill in 175,000 Node.js-related jobs. 

Such a demand for Node.js developers can be explained by the broad application of this environment. Yes, Node.js can be used in API development, IoT application development, chatbots development, real-time collaboration tools, and many others.

Thus, no wonder that many global businesses choose to hire Node.js experts outside their business locations. Apart from that, finding experts overseas can help you achieve easier recruitment, cost optimization, faster time-to-marked, and many other business values. 

So, where to look for top-notch Node.js developers? How to hire a Node.js developer, and what skills do they need? We will try and answer these and a range of other questions in this article. 

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Hire Node.js Developer: Requirements and Responsibilities

As mentioned above, Node.js has many applications. Thus, it can be used in different projects and by professionals of different seniority levels. However, the requirements for junior, middle, and senior Node.js developers differ. So, what are the responsibilities of Node.js engineers of different seniority levels? Let’s find out together.

Junior Node.js Developer

Junior Node.js developers typically have one year of commercial experience. With this experience, these professionals should be familiar with Node.js LTS documentation, as well as have a solid knowledge of JavaScript (promises, async programming, classes, collections, functions, context, and other aspects of JS) 

Junior specialists have to know how to connect to both the front-end and back-end. When it comes to the back-end, your juniors should understand how to connect to third-party payment services, for instance. 

Also, junior Node.js developers have to be familiar with HTML5 and CSS3 technologies. Also, such professionals should know how to work with Node.js frameworks, including Express, Nest, Fastify, and others. With these frameworks, juniors can write Rest APIs.

Apart from that, beginners should understand the basics of testing, for instance, how to write unit tests. 

Knowledge of databases is also critical, so juniors should understand the basics of NoSQL (e.g., MongoDB and Redis),SQL (e.g., MySQL or PostgreSQL), and some popular ORMs like Sequelize or TypeORM, Mongoose. 

Strong juniors also know how to work with Passport.js and are able to implement, for instance, the passport-jwt strategy.   

Middle Node.js Developer

Middle Node.js developers typically have 3+ years of commercial experience. Basically, they have a more in-depth command of the junior developers’ skills listed above. 

Also, they should be familiar with modern JS tooling, including TypeScript. Also, ​​knowledge of CI pipelines (e.g., CircleCI or AWS code pipeline) will be a plus for a middle Node.js developer.

Senior Node.js Developer

Senior Node.js developers acquire 5+ years of experience. On top of listed tools and skills, they possess more advanced Node.js-related specifications. For instance, seniors typically have experience working with client-side frameworks, such as Vue, React, and Angular. 

These were the level-specific skills. There are also some requirements relevant for all the seniority levels. For instance, all the Node.js developers have to write efficient code that complies with standard practices. Also, your Node.js developers have to be familiar with data protection rules, compliances, and best practices.

They should also possess error-handling skills, databases, and have experience working with cloud providers (e.g., AWS, Azure, GCP), have experience with microservices architecture, and be able to optimize and refactor the already written code. 

No matter what seniority level your project requires, you should hire Node.js development company, the vendor that is trusted and reliable.

Why Do You Need to Hire Node.js Experts?

So how can Node.js developers help you with your business deliverables? Let’s dwell a bit more on the applications of this framework.

  • API Development

API development is the most widespread usage of Node.js. This platform presents many benefits. For instance, due to the single-thread nature of Node.js, the app’s performance may rise by 20%. Other benefits are the ease of development, easy versioning, ease of monitoring, and many others.  

Northell experts can help you with a full life-cycle of services that require data storing and processing. Basically, our professionals can develop APIs for retail platforms, job platforms, time trackers, healthcare, corporate, and many other projects and more. 

For instance, we developed an API for one of our clients – BridgeX that we will cover in more detail later in the article. 

How can Northell help you with Node.js development?

Why choose Northell

Why choose Northell


  • Internet of Things Applications Development

The main reason why Node.js is widely used in IoT development is its ability to process multiple requests and events that come from a vast device network. 

Also, IoT devices create large piles of data that need to be analyzed. Thus, the development environment must have low resource requirements. This is just the case with Node.js. Yes, Node.js’ low memory requirements allow it to easily integrate Node.js into single-board controllers used for IoT software development. 

  • Real-Time Chats

These are basically communication tools that allow transmitting various data types in real-time. Real-time chats are widely used in social media and e-commerce. Node.js, in turn, provides functionality to build such chats of different complexity. 

Northell experts can help you with the development of different real-time chats, varying from messaging applications to live chats on your website. 

  • Real-Time Collaboration Tools

A wide variety of popular collaboration tools are developed with the help of Node.js. For instance, Trello and Slack are based on this framework. Thanks to the event-based architecture of Node.js, many users can edit the same document in the very same environment, etc. 

For instance, we at Northell have worked on BridgeX – an educational mentoring tool for novice future entrepreneurs.

Banner clutch BridgeX


We started our work by developing a site map to understand what navigation and connection between different platform parts should be. Next, we created a mood board where there were various visual references for the product.

The next step was to create wireframes so that it would be schematically clear what the platform would look like. We also created a clickable prototype. We are currently finalizing the mentor’s persona and working on the development stage.

Also, Node.js can be used in the development of microservices architecture. 

What Companies Already Use Node.js?

Node.js is widely adopted by global companies due to its comprehensive functionality and broad application possibilities. Let’s view the companies that benefited from Node.js in more detail. 


PayPal opted for using Node.js, as this technology allows server-side and client-side development with JavaScript that makes the integration easier. 


This company opted for Node.js development for the sake of mobile app optimization. Since 2011, the LinkedIn application was written using the Node.js platform. 


Netflix developers have built the service’s UI using Node.js and its tooling. This technology helps the service boost its launch by two times. 


Uber was on the front line of Node.js adopters. They opted for this platform as it provides the benefits of easy error-checking, high performance, and continuous development. 

Many industry leaders have already benefited from Node.js. Contact us and be the next to benefit. 

All this brings us to the point where you wonder how to hire Node.js developers. We are here with some answers.

How to hire Node.js Specialists?

We at Northell have been providing dedicated development team services for a while now. Thus, we have come up with some key steps you should take to hire Node.js developers. 

You should: 

  • choose the location where you will hire Node.js developers;
  • assess the vendors in the region you choose in terms of their domain and security expertise, as well as market experience;
  • sign a win-win contract that will cover all the critical collaboration aspects;
  • streamline the communication with your newly acquired team and integrate them with your existing team if needed;
  • develop a secure product cooperating with your Node.js developers.  
  • Your team should include solution architects, tech leads, developers, DevOps, and QA specialists.

When looking for your team members, it is critical that they have a quality skillset. But how to assess it? Let’s find out together.

Hire Node.js Developer: How to check quality?

Experienced Node.js developers should:

  • have experience with Node.js libraries and frameworks (Express, Nest, Koa, Fasify);
  • know the Node.js ecosystem as well as development tools;
  • know the basics of front-end technologies (JavaScript, HTML, CSS, etc.);
  • have experience working with databases;
  • know how to develop REST APIs;
  • have experience with cloud development;
  • understand fundamental principles of software testing.

These are the basics of Node.js development. Other requirements differ according to the application of Node.js you opt for.

However, we at Northell have come up with some questions that should be asked during the Node.js developer interview. What are they, and what are the correct answers? Let’s take a look together.  

Questions From the Northell Team

  • What are the types of API functions in Node.js?

The main types are asynchronous, non-blocking functions, and synchronous blocking functions. 

  • What is the package.json file?

This is a manifest file of the application that contains the metadata of a project. It is the file where the properties of a package are defined. It should be committed and tracked by a versioning system. 

  • Why commit package-lock.json to the repository, and what does it contain?

A package-lock.json, at the same time, should be placed in a repository. This file comprises tree dependencies. Versions of all packages are listed explicitly.

The application is developed on a build machine where these exact versions are indicated. It is needed to identify an error in case it occurs. When committing package-lock.json to the repository, the whole error identification process gets easier.

  • What is an event loop in Node.js, and how does it work?

An event loop handles the asynchronous callbacks within an application. Typically this approach follows the publish-subscribe pattern. It means that there is a pool of subscribers interested in receiving a certain type of messages. Meanwhile, the publisher produces that type of messages that are later distributed among subscribers interested. 

Basically, an event loop allows the platform to perform non-blocking I/O operations. The event loop assigns operations to the OS when and where possible. 

The event loop waits for tasks, performs them, and waits for more tasks. The new task is performed only when the last one is finished, and there are no ongoing tasks. With the help of the event loop, we can use callbacks and promises.

  • What is a reactor pattern in Node.js?

This is a concept of non-blocking I/O operations (data exchange) which provides a handler associated with each I/O operation. When such a request is generated, it gets submitted to a demultiplexer. It, in turn, can handle concurrency in non-blocking I/O mode and helps collect each request in an event form and then place it in a queue. As a result, the reactor pattern generates the event queue.

  • What is the callback hell?

Callback hell or the pyramid of doom is a pattern caused by intensively nested, unreadable, and unwieldy callbacks. Typically, it contains a number of nested callback functions that make the code difficult to read and debug.

  • What is the middleware in Node.js?

Middleware in Node.js is a function that receives the request and response objects. It is used to execute any type of code, update or modify the request and response objects, finish the request-response cycle, and invoke the next middleware in the stack. 

  • Why does Google use the V8 engine for Node.js?

Google uses the V8 engine for Node.js, as it converts JavaScript code into machine-native code. Thus, it speeds up the application execution and response process. As a result, the V8 engine boosts the app’s performance.

  • Explain the usage of a buffer class in Node.js.

Buffer class is used for storing the raw data in a manner similar to an array of integers. It corresponds to a raw memory allocation located outside the V8 heap. Thus, the global class can be accessed without importing a buffer model. But the main reason why the buffer class is used is that JavaScript is not compatible with binary data without it. 

Apart from these questions, you should screen the candidate’s previous experience – whether they have worked with the main cloud vendors (AWS, Azure, GCP), have an understanding of microservices architecture, know the basics of automated testing, etc.

Also, there are some aspects that will help you learn more about your potential teammate. They are reviews and cases, recommendations from the previous customers, and the number of projects delivered. 

Reviews and Cases

It is a good idea to assess the LinkedIn profile of your potential team member. There you can find their skill endorsements, reviews of the previous customers and teammates, etc. Also, the LinkedIn profile shows the experience of your candidate, the projects they have participated in, and more.

Recommendations from Customers

This is another piece of information you can find on the candidate’s LinkedIn profile. How well did this Node.js developer perform? Are they team players? What skills are their strong sides? 

Number of Projects

The number of projects delivered shows how experienced your candidate is, what types of tasks they contributed to, etc. So, this factor is important to consider when you hire a Node.js developer.  

With that in mind, you can now look for the developers. But where to find and how to hire a Node.js developer? 

There are several approaches if you want to hire dedicated Node.js developers. For instance, you can hire Node.js development company or cooperate with freelance developers.  

When Do You Need to Hire a Node.js Development Company?

Cooperation with the Node.js development company comes hand in hand with a number of benefits. However, your business success heavily depends on the vendor you choose. So, you should take this choice as seriously as possible. 

Yes, you should consider factors such as expertise, portfolio, client reviews, security compliances, and more. 

Nevertheless, you should hire Node.js development company if:

  • you want to optimize your development costs without compromising quality;
  • you are ready to entrust administrative, recruitment, and HR-related processes to a vendor;
  • your business requirements often change, resulting in the need to scale the team up or down;
  • you want to innovate. Cooperation with a vendor will help not to worry about administrative issues, thus focusing on implementing new technologies and approaches. 

But where to find a vendor if you want to hire Node.js development company? Let’s find out together. 

Find a Trusted Vendor on the Listing Sites


With the help of this platform, you can find a vendor with the specification you need. The platform has a convenient sorting feature, where you can choose the preferred location, number of employees, price of the services, and more. 

Clutch profiles of Node.js development companies comprise the information on the vendors’ expertise, an overview of their services, review of their customers, number of employees, years of experience in the market, the industry focus, and other valuable insights that will help you shortlist the companies you will consider as your potential partners. 


This marketplace provides the reviews of both customers and former employees of a certain vendor. Thus, you can understand what cooperation with this company is like from the perspective of your potential Node.js developer and from the client’s side. 

You can also filter the vendors within this platform, depending on their sizes, domain specialization, hourly rates, etc. 


This platform is a subsidiary of Clutch, so the type of company data available on Manifest is similar to those on Clutch. However, Manifest offers extensive lists of 100 vendors that specialize in a certain domain, including the list of Node.js development companies. 

Why Hire Node.js Developer from Northell

Northell Node.js experts will help you deliver your project as promptly as possible without compromising the quality. With us, you will be able to focus on your business deliverables, as we will manage all HR and legal aspects of our cooperation. 

At Northell, you can hire Node.js developers quickly. Whereas an average hiring time varies from six to 12 weeks, we can allocate Node.js developers to your team within a week. These experts will be fully immersed in your project as we work within a dedicated development team model. 

Also, with us, you can tap into a vast talent pool of Ukrainian Node.js developers that amounts to 25K professionals, according to LinkedIn. We will cover other benefits of outsourcing Node.js development to Ukraine later in the article.

But how to hire a Node.js developer to work on a freelance basis? Let’s take a look together. 

Hire Node.js Developer: Where to Find?

Hire Node.js Experts from Freelance Websites

Hiring freelance Node.js experts is a good idea if you have a small project that you plan to deliver in a short time (approximately eight weeks). There are many freelance platforms where you can hire a Node.js developer, but we will focus on two of them – namely Upwork and Toptal. 


Upwork is one of the biggest freelance platforms in the market, with a base of 12M+ active users. Upwork profiles contain thorough information on the candidates’ skillset, experience, projects delivered, reviews of their previous customers, and more. What’s more, the platform ranks the professionals according to their performance and customer reviews.

You can either look for the professionals yourself or post the job and have the Node.js experts bid for it on this platform. 


Unlike Upwork, where you choose the Node.js developers yourself, the platform being only the environment, Toptal helps you with the selection process. The platform assesses the available professionals for them to be the best fit for your team. 

What’s more, Toptal only works with top-notch freelance experts that are carefully screened before being admitted to the platform. 

Hire Dedicated Node.js Developers from Job Posting Sites

You can also find Node.js experts on the job listing sites, such as Indeed, Monster+, Hubstaff Talent, and many others. The main benefit of such platforms is that the candidates apply themselves, so you don’t have to spend time looking for people to interview. 

Hire Dedicated Node.js from Social Networks

Another good platform to look for Node.js developers is professional networks, such as LinkedIn. There you can post your vacancies and look for specialists with relevant experience yourself.

Now, let’s take a look at the average salaries of Node.js experts. 

Hire Node.js Developer: Salary

The rates of Node.js experts are different in different countries and regions. Factors such as cost of living, the seniority level, and many others influence the final price. 

However, keep in mind that the rates in North America, for instance, are higher than those in Western Europe. However, you should take into account that in Western Europe, rates may significantly differ in different countries. Yes, salaries in Italy are lower than in Austria, for instance. 

Eastern Europe, at the same time, offers an optimal price-quality ratio. The region is home to an extensive pool of 1M+ tech specialists. The rates here are much more modest than in the USA or Europe.

Here are the average rates of Node.js developers in different locations.  

Tech stack Eastern Europe Western Europe South America Asia
Node.js $40-50/hr $45-65/hr <40/hr <40/hr

Why is Ukraine One of the Best Options?

When it comes to Eastern Europe, Ukraine boasts one of the most significant talent pools in the region. According to LinkedIn, there are around 23K Node.js experts in the country. 

What’s more, according to the most trusted developers’ survey in Ukraine – DOU, JavaScript is the most popular and used programming language among local experts.

There are almost 500 companies in Ukraine that specialize in Node.js development. These vendors help their clients from education, finance, manufacturing, retail, and other industries implement and benefit from Node.js development. 

Many Node.js-related conferences take place in this country. Some of them are NodeUkraine, NodeUA, JS Fest, JavaScript fwdays, and many others. 

Hire Node.js Developer: Summary

Node.js can be used in a wide array of industries and business cases. Applications that require client-side rendering and need to handle multiple requests benefit from using Node.js in the first place. 

However, to implement Node.js development successfully, you need to find a trusted partner to hire Node.js developers from. 

Want to learn more – feel free to contact us

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