Olia Stasynets

UI/UX Designer

Olia came to the team with a strong background, quite extensive experience and knowledge in the design field. While working at Northell under team lead leadership, she grew professionally into a middle UI/UX designer. She has successfully completed some of the main projects in the team (such as Refferizer and SmartJen, for example).

Olia is always looking for new knowledge, so she often takes specialized courses, reads professional literature and attends thematic events. If we talk about the UX part, she is well-versed in user research, personas creation, product discovery, competitor research, etc. If we talk about the UI part, Olia has good taste, so there were no problems when working on complex projects where careful work on the interface was required.

Olia's areas of expertise: UI/UX design for LMS software and social networks.

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