Vasyl Polych

Founder & CEO at Northell

I Help Startups and SMBs create custom web app products. We have already completed more than 155 projects for companies from different industries, including SaaS, FinTech, Healthcare, Retail, Education, CRM, etc.

After implementing our UX design, companies managed to increase the conversion rate by 16% in existing projects. Creating a project from scratch, we build a product that can convert up to 22% of relevant traffic.

In just a year, our team showed great results and made Clutch’s Top 20 Product Designers & Developers and The Manifest’s Top 4 Product Design Team.

My team and I cooperate with market leaders such as MeetAlfred, X-Press Feeders, Racers 360, Referrizer, NWCC inc., FINXFLO, and others.

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