Review Tui

Northell improved a Review Tui case. That was our order from a company that provides reputation management services.

We had a challenge to solve — create a solution for businesses that would simplify the process of communication with their customers and enable an opportunity to post their reviews directly to Google and Facebook.


Northell working process

During numerous sessions we gathered information about the business model, it’s competitors and target audience. It was very important to communicate with potential decision-makers, learn their motivations and frustrations. We tested the technology they used and their level of digitalization. We learned how to evoke particular emotions in our target audience and what colors could be used.


A simple interface and smooth user experience

Our team worked on that and found an easy way: we designed a web application with the following functional. The company’s agents now can send a review form to the customers through the custom link, message or even SMS. If the feedback is positive (5 stars), it will be automatically posted on Google and Facebook. If it’s not, the company has a great opportunity to improve their customer experience.

Two steps — simple solution. Northell will find a perfect design decision for you to communicate with your clients.

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