Half Time

Let’s suppose my neighbor is looking for a part-time job to be done, and I can be paid, but don’t even know about this opportunity” – this was a very serious statement from the people when we were conducting a thorough study about the employment in Saudi Arabia.

It turns, there’s almost no convenient place for the people to be hired on a part-time basis. Any ideas?


The quantitative and qualitative analysis

When it comes to complex solutions, it’s always important to conduct thorough research: to talk to your users, analyze the competition on this market, have in mind trends and global changes.

During numerous brainstorm sessions, our team was thinking about the most optimal way to solve the problem, And it turned out, there’s a need to introduce the specific platform for part-time jobs.


Get the job in two simple clicks 

The interface of this platform is simple and intuitive. You take a look at jobs on the map in your local area and click “apply” button on one of them. Anyone can search for part-time, internship, voluntary, flexible, start-up and work from home job. As an employer, you have the ability to search for candidates and also post your job requirements. This will give you dozens of applicants from your area in minutes.