Dedicated Software Development Team

Our dedicated development team will help you deliver your project on time and in the best possible way. You focus on the core business goals and we take care of the rest.

Increase your development capabilities by attracting top talent

Hire senior developers with advanced degrees and substantial domain experience quickly. Our team considers value, solutions, and resolving real-world challenges.

Gain access to a huge pool of tech talent

Ukraine has one of the world's greatest IT talent pools, with over 200k engineers, and is ranked fifth in terms of top IT service exporters by PwC.

Spend less effort on recruitment

The average time to employ a software engineer is 1.5 months. We can offer you personnel who will be available to begin work within one week.

Spend less money

Outsourcing to us saves you money on office space, workplace, equipment, coffee, and so on. Furthermore, developer hourly rates in Ukraine are much cheaper.

When it comes to team size, be flexible

You may scale up and decrease your workforce size with a one-month notice period without having to worry about firing. Furthermore, you have the option of hiring part-time teams.

Work with dedicated full-time engineers

The engineers assigned to your projects work full-time on them. They are passionate about your product and want it to succeed.

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Our Process:

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Hire a dedicated web development team with advanced degrees and solid experience to fit your needs at scale. We take care of their administration and professional development.

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Our expertise

From early-startups to world-class level



3 Large
12 Medium
2 Startups

What can we do?

Learning management system, education and training platforms, live video chats integration, E-learning Marketplace, E-learning platform.

What have we done?

Learning management system, Data analytics, Information portals, K-12 LMS, Learning experience platform



4 Large
7 Medium
2 Startups

What can we do?

Personal finance management,
complex banking software

What have we done?

Banking apps
Financial analytics
Custom self-service portals
Personal wallets
Currency exchanges
Trading platforms
Wealth management apps



2 Large
7 Medium
3 Startups

What can we do?

Hospital management systems, Warehouse/supply chain management, Tender platforms, IoT software.

What have we done?

Medical logistics, Recertification and training portals, Data analytics, Information portals.

Real Estate


3 Large
11 Medium
1 Startups

What can we do?

Apartment-listing aggregators, property value and investment estimators, and Apartment-finder apps, Online real estate auctions, hospitality management, payment system integration, booking engine implementation

What have we done?

Online home value estimation platforms
Real estate investment platforms
Apps for centralizing communication between buyers and sellers
Apps for planning floor layouts and room design



5 Large
10 Medium
2 Startups

What can we do?

Operational CRMs

What have we done?

Marketing/Sales CRM



4 Large
9 Medium
5 Startups

What can we do?

Accounting software
Project management software
Communication platforms
HR/HRM solutions
B2B/B2C solutions
Cloud apps

What have we done?

Applicant tracking
Job board posting
Talent management
Payroll management
People analytics
Engagement management



3 Large
12 Medium
4 Startups

What can we do?

B2B Marketplace,
B2C Marketplace,
P2P Marketplace
Matching Algorithms

What have we done?

Wholesale and warehouse online catalogs
Crowdfunding platforms
Service-based e-tailer platforms
Online storefronts
Subscription services
Online marketplaces

Social Networks


1 Large
5 Medium
3 Startups

What can we do?

Interaction and communication apps, content sharing, interest-based networking, Community platforms and discussion forums, Networks for consumer reviews, File sharing applications

What have we done?

Blogging and publishing platforms
Interest-based networks
Anonymous social networks
Social networks for a particular target audience


Where can I get the most qualified software developers for my projects?

To find a dedicated team to assist you with your tech project (or at least the tech aspect of it), go to:
  • Freelance platforms like Upwork
  • B2B portals like Clutch
  • GitHub or StackOverflow
  • Outstaff vendors like Relevant

What are the most remarkable countries to recruit dedicated developers?

Typically, they are Asian, Eastern European, Central, and South American countries.
Our on-demand specialist technical teams are based in Ukraine, Eastern Europe.

Why Ukraine?
Ukraine is often regarded as Europe's next top outsourcing location. Because Ukraine is a growing economy, most western enterprises may save money by hiring Ukrainian specialists.

Furthermore, this country is home to approximately 200,000 IT specialists, making it an ideal location to outsource software development projects.

Thousands of highly competent experts in many industries are housed in powerful software development centers around the country, so finding software development experts in Ukraine is not a problem.

Dedicated team vs. Time and Material model

The time & material model implies that you are paying for the outcome of your collaboration with the vendor's team. There will be no coffee-sipping or surfing via social media. It's the way to go if:
  • You're working on a small project.
  • You only have a concept or an idea.
  • You intend to create an MVP.
  • You don't know who your target market is. Therefore you'll require updates or small features.
  • The scope is dynamic.
  • Your project's specifications, pricing, and deadlines have not yet been determined.
The committed team and the time & material models have certain commonalities, such as efficiency and flexibility, as well as some differences. For example, both models necessitate constant communication between the customer and the outsourced workforce.

The most significant benefit is that the time & material model is result-oriented.

The biggest drawback is that it is challenging to plan and monitor the budget.

Dedicated team vs. Fixed-price

The fixed price model implies that you and the software development vendor with whom you are collaborating have agreed on the scope, timeframe, and, as the name implies, the project's price. This is crucial: the model does not allow for significant changes in product needs.

The dedicated team and fixed price models share an essential feature: when you sign up for either of them, you know when to pay, who to pay, and how much. There will be no budget-related surprises because the team, scope, and deadlines have all been agreed upon before.

Select the fixed-price model if:
  • Select the fixed-price model if:
  • All processes are understood and agreed upon ahead of time
  • The deadline is fixed in stone
  • You don't feel the need to manage everything
  • You aren't going to modify anything about the project throughout the process
The most significant advantage is that you may prepare your budget ahead of time.

The most significant downside is a lack of flexibility in terms of project scope.

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