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Review Tui

Review Tui is a company that provides reputation management service.

  UX, UI, Programming
  New Zeeland

Brief & Overview

Only by having an objective assessment of the level of customer satisfaction, the company can adjust and improve its further performance. That’s where Review Tui comes in handy, a web app that allows feedback and customer satisfaction management, as well as review posting directly to Google Maps and Facebook.


The Vanguard 86 company aimed to provide a solution for B2B and B2C businesses that would simplify the process of communication with their customers and enable an opportunity to post customer reviews directly to Google Maps and Facebook.

Design Process

   Step 1

  • Understanding the client’s needs;
  • Interview templates development;
  • In-depth interviewing of the target audience.

   Step 3

  • Logo & brand book design;
  • Customer journey map;
  • Information architecture (site map);
  • Wireframing;
  • UI design.

   Step 2

  • Evaluating customers’ needs and web app logic;
  • User persona;
  • User stories;

   Step 4

  • Web app presentation and launch;
  • Evaluating performance metrics and user feedback;
  • Improvement of the UI/UX design features based on feedback.


To have an in-depth understanding of the specifics of the project and address the client’s needs, we conducted a detailed interview with the CEO of the company regarding:

  • The main goals of the project and the web app;
  • Strengths and weaknesses of the product;
  • Target audience and factors that drive their purchasing decisions;
  • Direct/indirect competitors on the market;
  • Reference, examples of websites, apps, etc. that the client finds exemplary;

The main challenge at this step was to make sure that we are on the same wavelength with the client from the very beginning to ensure fruitful cooperation.

To learn more about their motivations and frustrations, we conducted interviews with target demographic representatives, inquiring about their wants and needs, preferred technologies, and colors associated with such a web solution. With their pain moments and preferences in mind, we created three user personas representing the target audience of the web app.

It took the most time to understand the most optimal way to realize the desired functionality, taking into account the features needed yet keeping the design simple and convenient for users.

Through a number of sessions with the Vanguard 86 representatives, we discussed and agreed on the exclusive customer journey map, site map, and wireframes.

Logo & UI

Our team created a brand book containing element logotype, brand colors, patterns, and fonts. As a logo, we decided to use Tui, a small and bright bird native to Australia since the client is based in Australia. The frame in which the bird was placed symbolizes the review frame.

After setting the final flow and agreeing on branding, we created UI design with the brand book materials and customer preferences in mind.



Our dedicated approach, detailed research, and expertise in UI/UX design allowed us to create a high-end reputation management web app.

  • The company’s agents can now send a review form to the customers through the custom link, message, or even SMS.
  • If the feedback is positive (5 stars), it will be automatically posted on Google Maps and Facebook.
  • If it’s not positive (4 stars and lower), the company’s representatives can reach out to the customer to find out about their difficulties and improve their experience with the brand.

In response to the demand for the advanced account settings for businesses, we are now working on a more complex UI/UX design for the Review Tui web app.

If you are in search of top-notch UI/UX design solutions, we at Northell are ready to help you. Contact us now!

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