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Referr App

Referr is a brand new platform that allows companies and freelancers to refer customers to one another.

  UX, UI, Programming
  United Kingdom

Brief & Overview

The service makes the process of referring, sharing customer details, tracking referrals, and managing commissions and rewards for successful referrals easy and convenient for all parties involved.

On the platform, companies and freelancers can create their portfolios and highlight the services that they are seeking customer referrals for. Users can send customer referrals directly to the available businesses and freelancers or search for like-minded performers that their customers could benefit from being introduced to.


Referr needed a first-class UI/UX solution that would make the web app convenient for all categories of users, follow the latest design trends, and contain unique functionality.

Design Process

Step 1


  • Understanding the client’s needs;
  • User research.

Step 2


  • Analyzing the business logic of the web app;
  • Analyzing the existed wireframes.

Step 3


  • Elaborated customer journey map and site map;
  • Enhanced wireframes;
  • Web app design;
  • Responsive design.

Step 4


  • Web app design deployment and presentation.


The Referr team provided us with a very detailed brief on the project that also contained starting wireframes. Our first task was to review the developed UX parts, analyze them, and offer improvements/ further solutions.

Based on the developed and approved wireframes, we started working on the UI part of the web app. Also, we made separate wireframes for the marketing website of Referr and crafted UI design for the site and landing pages in a similar fashion.

Logo & UI

The logo was developed based on our design solutions. It contains a stylized letter “R” from “Referr” that is easy to recognize among other services. As the main color, we chose a medium light shade of blue that delivers a trustworthy and refreshing look that corresponds with the mission of the platform. The light theme and bright graphics allow for easy navigation on the web app and comfortable user experience.

For every web app, responsive design is a must. For Referr, we developed a responsive design of the web app so that every user could conveniently access the platform from any device and any place.


We designed a responsive web app for a new referral platform that allows businesses and private entrepreneurs to receive recommendations on the services they provide and search for experienced contractors for their own business needs.

User-friendly and attractive design;

Convenient payment solutions;

Advanced functionality;

Stylish and easy-to-read profiles;

Easy navigation;

Advanced search;

Fully manageable workflow;

Handy message board;

Detailed stats;

Responsive design.

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