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Racers360 is a personalized online motorsports coaching project that makes pro-coaching affordable and accessible to any racing fan.

  UX, UI

Brief & Overview

Racers360 is a personalized online motorsports coaching project that makes pro-coaching affordable and accessible to any racing fan. The platform offers online lap and race analysis services provided by the very best coaches in the industry.


Racers360 needed a more user-friendly and attractive design for the web app to provide a better experience to their learners and coaches.

Design Process

   Step 1

  • Understanding the client’s needs;
  • Preliminary and user research.

   Step 3

  • Customer journey map;
  • Site map;
  • Wireframes;
  • Desktop design;
  • Responsive design.

   Step 2

  • Analyzing the web app logic needed;
  • User persona;
  • User stories;

   Step 4

  • Web app presentation;
  • Improvement of the UI/UX design features based on performance metrics and user feedback.


The client provided us with the information on the existed web app and detailed brief on the target auditory. After conducting preliminary research and user research, we created user persona and user stories that emphasized the wants and needs of the target audience. The main goals of the target users included the desire to improve racing skills, save time and money, and have a pleasant time committing to the hobby.

The major issue was bad user experience since the visitors couldn’t understand what exactly the platform offered, how to use it, etc. We identified that the target users were men older than 40-something, with middle to high income, living in the US. With this auditory in mind, we made sure that the design was simple and easy-to-navigate, with bright buttons, clear instructions, and call-to-actions. This allowed us to create an improved customer journey map and site map.

During the research, we understood that the web app lacked an essential functionality: separate interfaces for authorized users and coaches. Therefore, we developed two different solutions with relevant functionality for racing enthusiasts who wanted to get professional advice on their video, as well as for coaches who were reviewing lap and race videos submitted by the learners.

This allowed us to make the system much more convenient to use for both parties. Also, we added gamification elements and achievements to make the experience on the platform even more enjoyable.

After developing wireframes for the web app, we created a simple and bright design that met the needs and preferences of the target audience and clearly displayed all the important information.



We provided an enhanced UI/UX design for the Racers360 web app that included convenient functionality both for racing fans and experts.

  • Easy-to-navigate web app;
  • User-friendly design with big buttons and contrast colors;
  • Intuitive functionality even for first-time users;
  • Advanced message board for communication between racers and coaches.
For racing enthusiasts, we ensured:

For coaches, we provided:

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