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Nomos App

Nomos is an interactive website that informs visitors about aircraft noise levels around Ukrainian airports in real time.

  UX, UI, Programming

Brief & Overview

Nomos is an interactive website that informs visitors about aircraft noise levels around Ukrainian airports in real time. It is widely used by government, public, and private organizations, such as building companies, to determine the acceptable areas for further construction.


The Nomos project needed a UI/UX design for a full-featured interactive tool for informing users about aircraft noise levels around Ukrainian airports, depending on the distance from the noise source to the selected area, as well as the conditions and restrictions for urban development in the selected area due to aircraft noise.

Design Process

The task was to create a simple and user-friendly UI/UX design for a website with real-time information on aircraft noise levels shown on an interactive map of Ukraine. The map had to be zoomed in and out to identify a particular address of interest and clearly highlight the contours of areas with particular noise levels around the airports.

We grouped the aircraft noise figures into four categories to provide the full picture of every area:

Day equivalent

Day maximum

Night equivalent

Night maximum

Thus, by clicking on an airport area, the website visitor gets clear data on the aircraft noise levels during day and night and sees the areas with the corresponding noise levels highlighted on the interactive map. Also, according to the brief, the search option on the website allows two types of queries, by address and cadastral number.

Logo & UI

The color palette and the design of style elements were chosen according to the brand book. The colors of used elements draw attention to the key functionality of the website. Our team ensured that all the interface elements are easily recognizable on monitors with any contrast and brightness.

With the mobile-first principle in mind, we first created a mobile website design and then transformed it into a desktop version. Our main emphasis was put into informativeness, convenience for all users, and decent design. Therefore, we ensured that the navigation on the website is simple and intuitive, and the information is accessible to all categories of users.


We have created an informative and user-friendly website design that can be easily viewed from desktop and mobile devices. The design meets modern trends and requirements of government websites.

Whether the visitor is someone interested in noise levels around their place of living, or some business representatives planning urban construction on new territories, the Nomos site provides clear information on real-time aircraft noise figures and their explanation.

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