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The easiest & most advanced, all-in-one sales enablement software for LinkedIn, Email & Twitter. More than 100k users have already successfully used this platform.

Client Overview

MeetAlfred is an easy and advanced all-in-one sales enablement software for LinkedIn, Email & Twitter. The company helps find the ideal target audience fast, create multiple campaign sequences and optimize campaigns to drive even stronger results.


UI/UX Design
User Testing

I really like their professionalism and the quality of the work they produced

Martin Martinez | CEO, Meet Alfred

The challenge

Moving from a desktop application to Cloud SaaS and rebranding the whole platform

The client came to us with an existing working platform with 30,000 users. First of all, we started working on the redesign. In the redesign process, it was decided that it is possible not only to change the design of the platform but also to expand the functionality and help MeetAlfred get closer to becoming a full-fledged Cloud SaaS platform. For this purpose, we developed new features and sections, improved UX and updated UI.

We also decided to create a new marketing site because MeetAlfred would change its target audience, niche and expand its capabilities. Therefore, it was vital that the marketing site could fully convey what their current unique value is.

The strategy

Based on the concept of the application and its designs, we prepared a roadmap to start the development in an agile manner:


  • Business & user goals
  • Stakeholder & user interviews
  • Market research
  • Personas
  • CJM

UX Design

  • Information architecture
  • Wireframes

UI Design

  • Design system
  • UI Design

User Testing

  • Clickable design
  • Testing on users

The Target audience

They are all business professionals. Individuals or teams of sales and marketing professionals. The top 4 industries that use service are:

Marketing & Advertising

(eg consultants, coaches, accountants, lawyers, etc)

Professional Services

(eg consultants, coaches, accountants, lawyers, etc)

IT and Software

(companies selling software, hardware, IT related)


(companies selling software, hardware, IT related)



Design System

For MeetAlfred, we developed a completely new design system, changing the original style of the platform. Created new components, we improved and modernized the platform but at the same time left the branding, identity and main message of MeetAlfred.

UI Design

Our task was to take MeetAlfred's current UI design and turn it into something new, modern, stylish, but at the same time restrained and minimalistic. The new UI was to reflect the company's values fully ​​and, in general, what exactly a person can get on this platform.

Sign up / Login

It was vital for the client and us to use this part of the platform as an additional point of trust, so we decided to add people there. It works that way: when registering or logging in to the platform, the user can see a person there and some feedback. In this way, it confirms the authority of MeetAlfred and inspires additional confidence in the platform.


During the onboarding, a person should connect his/her LinkedIn profile, as this is one of the main features of this platform. Working with Linkedin is an essential aspect of the MeetAlfred platform's performance. During onboarding, a person gets acquainted with all the functionality to use the product's full potential.


At this part of the platform, users create 1 of 4 types of campaigns and launch them. It was necessary to make everything clear, obvious, and correctly distribute the user's focus so that he/she could navigate in all the key tables that exist in Campaigns.


On this page, users can see in detail what is happening with each of their contacts. We updated this page by adding new functionality.


Here the user can create a new post. Based on the fact that the page is presented in a tabular form, we made it easy for all tables to manage and consider the flow of creating and adding a post.


We made the Inbox easy to use so users can manage his/her own LinkedIn inbox through the application without any difficulty. We also made it in the same style as other parts of the platform.


On Dashboard, users can see full statistics regarding replies, messages, invites, connections, etc. It also displays general and recent activity with the ability to create a campaign. We made Dashboard convenient, minimalistic and compact so that people can move from here to other sections.

Marketing website

On the marketing site, the key point for us was to work with the level of user confidence in the platform. Accordingly, we needed to show that this is a multisourcing product that interacts with many other services, applications, and social networks. In addition, we needed to show how much existing users trust this platform. Therefore, because of this, we worked a lot with users' images and their feedback. We kept the compactness, conciseness in design and the content that the customer provided us. In general, we did everything in one style to convey the essence of the platform as much as possible.

MeetAlfred used to be a tool for working with LinkedIn. Now, they target a different audience, position themselves differently, find a new niche and attract a new target audience.


We successfully made the inner and outer parts for the MeetAlfred platform. We have already received a lot of positive feedback from the test users. Existing users have gladly accepted the updated design and the updated version of this platform in general.

Ready to start? We look forward to welcoming you!

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