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JustAskMe is a project that emphasizes the power of questions and answers that allow getting to know someone better and with fun.

  UX, UI

Brief & Overview

The JustAskme website connects fans with their favorite artists, creators, influencers, friends, and even crushes. The influencers, in turn, get the opportunity to earn by answering questions from their auditory.


JustAskMe needed a user-friendly and stylish website to familiarize the users with the opportunity, engage them in active social participation, and convey the value of the platform to both the creators and their audiences.

Design Process

When creating the website for JustAskMe, one of the most important tasks we faced was to translate the concise message with the right visuals to the target auditory. Every part of the website design had to convey the value of the project and the tone of voice, engaging for the target users.

Thus, we decided to use a simple design, vivid colors, and nice illustrations that created the feeling of community and value of communication promoted by JustAskMe. Also, we developed a brand identity of the project, coming up with an attractive logo and style.

Step 1

  • Understanding the client’s needs and target audience;
  • In-depth interviewing of the target users.

Step 2

  • Analyzing the web app logic needed;
  • User persona;
  • User stories.

Step 3

  • Logo & style design;
  • Customer journey map;
  • Site map;
  • Wireframes;
  • UI design;
  • Responsive design;

Step 4

  • Website presentation;
  • Improvement of the UI/UX design features based on performance metrics and user feedback.


The main challenge was to create the project from scratch, building the business logic, user personas, site map, and additional features that could make the use of the high-end platform easy and pleasant. Equipped with the desired functionality provided by the client and feedback from the target audience, we analyzed and created a customer journey map that covered the wants and needs of the users.

Then, we created wireframes according to the users’ needs. After agreeing on the wireframes with the front-end developer and the customer, we created the logo and the overall style of JustAskMe and then worked out the UI part.

Logo & UI

The logo had to be unique, memorable, and easy to recognize. We decided to transform the title of the project, with “ask” in focus. As the main palette, we chose a vivid violet theme with a gradient background and friendly illustrations to highlight that the platform is meant for a young audience that keeps us with the trends, loves to communicate and explore new things, and active both in real life and social media.

As there are more and more users searching the web and checking social media from mobile phones, we ensured the responsiveness of the design so that the users could enjoy the platform from any device.


We created an engaging and stylish platform that allows users to connect with their favorite artists and influencers and receive answers to their questions. What’s more, the website was built responsive not only for users but convenient for the front-end developer and the client’s team. Thus, the JustAskMe team can perform website maintenance and further development with the web design created by Northell.


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