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Hua Quan Village

The Hua Quan Village is home to artists and travelers from across China and around the world.
  UX, UI, Programming

Brief & Overview

The Hua Quan Village is home to artists and travelers from across China and around the world. The place includes museums, open studios, wellness and culture park, and over 100 murals surrounding the site as a part of the Miracle Project.

The Hua Quan Village features a modern educational center with 21 different studios, offering classes in painting, ceramics, calligraphy, as well as experiences, including ancient practices of yoga, meditation, and more.


The Hua Quan Village needed a rebranding and a high-end website that would showcase the beauty and versatility of the place.

Design Process

The Hua Quan Village is located in Jiangxi Province, Eastern China. This region is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and considered to be the birthplace of Taoism. The site concentrates on educational and recreational activities and promotes destination tourism by striving for a balance between local culture, traditions, modern tendencies, and international activities.

Although offering such versatile activities on-site, the village lacked an important part – a modern-looking, visually pleasing, and user-friendly website that will guide website visitors on what they can find, expect, and experience if they visit the Hua Quan Village.

With this challenging and value-based task, our Northell team started working on the project. The working process was about simultaneous work with copywriters and photographers in order to create the new content. During the first stage, we worked on the text content to provide clear, concise, and interesting descriptions that would encourage website visitors to explore more about the village. However, the main emphasis was put on the visual part of the site design.

The initial version of the Hua Quan Village website had a lot of text and very few photos showcasing the beauty of this place. By collaborating with two local photographers who captured all the important aspects of the Hua Quan Village, including education, cuisine, accommodation, and other experiences available on the premise, we received a lot of high-quality, appealing photos that we then used for the website design.

After agreeing on wireframes that showcased the structure of the site, we worked on the UI part and created a beautiful website that contained all the necessary information and amazing photos that spoke louder than words.



As a result, we improved website navigation and made it user-friendly and appealing. By building a clear and logical system for interaction with the user, we improved the usability and responsiveness of the site so that visitors could view the website easily from any device. Also, we added up-to-date information about the place, its locations, classes, and experiences offered.

The main idea was to implement the client’s vision and showcase the resourcefulness and versatility of the Hua Quan Village online. In collaboration with photographers and copywriters, we created a stylish and easy-to-navigate website that attracted both Chinese and international visitors.

Thanks to the new website design, the Hua Quan Village now poses as a beautiful get-away from the big city life for rediscovering art, culture, and beauty of nature through classes and local experiences.

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