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The UK’s multifaceted marketplace.

Client Overview

E-Wish is the UK’s multifaceted marketplace that includes different services, e-commerce, apartment rent and taxi booking. This platform allows users to satisfy all kinds of their needs with a few clicks.


Business analytics
UI/UX Design
User Testing

The challenge

Combination of complex multi-stage functionality in one product.

The E-Wish product is a combined marketplace where people can buy products and work with the platform as e-commerce, as well as use it to search for various services that they need for everyday life (such as renting a taxi and apartment booking).

Our task and challenge were to combine many different services on one platform, making the site easy to use and giving identity to each of the individual services. Our team paid a lot of attention to navigation, prioritization and sorting. Our goal was to make the platform user-friendly with a great user experience.

The strategy

Based on the concept of the application and its design, we prepared a roadmap to start the development in an agile manner:

  • Business & user goals
  • Stakeholder & user interviews
  • Market research
  • Monetization strategy
  • Categories and subcategories research
  • Personas
  • CJM
UX Design
  • Information architecture
  • Wireframes
UI Design
  • Design system
  • UI Design
User Testing
  • Clickable design
  • Testing on users

The Target audience

In general, the target audience of E-Wish is people living in the UK who have a fairly active lifestyle. We divided the target audience into several groups:

  • Active e-commerce users
  • Marketers looking for freelance services
  • Business people or people who often use taxi services
  • People who travel and look for housing



Design System

For E-Wish, we developed a completely new design system. We created new components, some headings, dropdowns, inputs, product cards, etc. We tested them on users to understand how accurately we picked up the colors and all the platform elements.

UI Design

Our main task was to make the E-Wish platform design simple, not overloaded, and visually attractive to users. Since there is a lot of information and content on the platform, we highlighted the main elements.

Home Page

The home page of the E-Wish marketplace is a search page. On this page, the user's attention is focused on the search bar located in the center of the page. That was done so that users could immediately start looking for what they needed. Also, on the main page, users can find all categories of goods, services, etc.


The Northell team has done great work on the platform's categories. We worked on product sorting, an integral part of BA, and tried to make the categories easy to use so users could find everything they wanted in a couple of minutes. There are 5 general categories on the platform: General Products, Services, Vehicles, Property, Holiday & Travel. General Products, for example, are divided into 34 categories which in turn are divided into subcategories

All Products Page

The Products page displays all subcategories, popular subcategories, popular products, discounts, etc. Considering the results of competitors' research, surveys, and various assessments, our team concluded that such sorting and placement of information would be most convenient for the user.

Subcategory Page

On the page of a separate subcategory, users can find product cards with detailed information about a specific product. The user can view reviews on this page and visit the seller's page of a particular product and see its product listings. Our team has carefully worked on the filtering and also added voice search for convenience.

Product Page

The individual product page displays detailed information about a particular product (price, description, specification, reviews, etc.). On this page, the user can contact the seller, ask a question, request a quotation and go to the main site of the seller.


The cart was built as a drop-down on the main site. Users can remind themselves about what they have already put in the cart and continue shopping. We also made it possible for guests to complete purchases. Moreover, the Northell team created a wishlist and “save for later” options.


We made checkout simple, without any distracting elements. Our team made it possible for guests to check out using several payment methods. The E-wish checkout page is mobile-friendly, so users can shop while staying in traffic jams or waiting in a queue.


After the design was ready, we conducted usability testing, gathering several focus groups. After receiving positive feedback, the project was successfully implemented.

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