Want to Get an Internship at Google? How Northell and Launch Will Help Thousands of Students Find Their Way

644 Updated 09.15.2021
Anna Holishevska

Design Team Lead at Northell


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Do you remember how you got your first job? Imagine a young professional trying to enter the corporate world. Getting a suitable position might be quite a challenge for students and recent graduates. Numerous questions arise, such as where to look for job ads and internships, how to contact a company, and many more. Not to mention the time spent on CVs and countless motivation letters. In most cases, job hunting becomes a rather exhausting journey for those only starting a career.  

That’s when Launch comes in handy: this Belgian solution helps students and recent graduates find a perfect internship or first job. Users can see all the available positions as well as apply for them and contact the companies directly. All of this on a single platform, making first job hunting smooth and easy. 

Suppose you are a recent graduate looking for your first career opportunity: how exciting! Let’s explore Launch step-by-step to see how it aids with getting that desired first job offer. Where do we start? 

Finding your perfect company

First off, you would need a properly organized list of all the available positions. Let’s be honest, opening any job search website might be quite overwhelming: the choice is vast, hundreds of positions are to be looked through.

We designed Launch with the target audience in mind, so each feature brings convenience to the job hunting process for students and young professionals. The platform accumulates only internships and entry-level jobs: no need to filter jobs that require years of experience. Let’s take a look at how you might find the most interesting positions. 

  1. Choose the best-fitting option 

Launch lists two main types of positions: 

  • internships 
  • jobs for professionals with 0-5 years of experience. 

You can look through both or choose one category based on your qualifications. Be it accounting or software development, there will be plenty of options to choose from.  Let’s suppose that you are a recent graduate looking for a full-time position; you also did a marketing internship while studying. In this case, entry-level jobs might suit you best you already have some experience to become a full-fledged team member. 

  2. Focus on the companies, not just positions

Сompany matters as much as the job description does, or sometimes even more. While some candidates might be looking for big corporate names with numerous departments and streamlined workflow, others might be willing to become a member of a small startup team, in which each opinion matters. 

Launch puts an emphasis on the companies and their perks rather than just positions. The current job market is highly competitive: while salaries offered by different companies might be on the same level, employees value the non-material aspect of work much more. That’s why basing one’s decisions solely on the job description might not be the best idea. 

  3. Take a look at the tags 

Are you looking for a remote position or, maybe, a pet-friendly office is your priority? Launch features a tag system, listing the perks of each position in a simple way. Just by looking at a set of tags, users can easily understand if a company’s corporate culture suits them. One can also follow a certain tag to see all the companies that, for example, have above average holidays. 

Applying in five minutes

Let’s suppose you saw an exciting option: it is a full-time remote marketing position in a fintech startup. You did your internship in a fintech company, and it is a field that really interests you. Time to write a motivation letter? No, you just need to click on the “show interest” button. Yes, that’s it. Your personal profile contains all the necessary information, so you can be sure that the employer gets to know all your strong sides. 

We designed a personal profile structure that is easy to fill-in and highlights the most valuable information, such as skills and experience; there is no need to spend hours making a CV. Similarly to companies’ profiles, there is a tag system to organize the information more effectively. In this way, candidates save time describing their personal details and qualifications.

If you see a position that is not interesting to you, just click “ignore,” and it will disappear from your feed.

Communicating directly with the company

So, you applied for your dream job. Waiting for an answer can be quite stressful. What if the company did not get the message? Or it went to the spam folder? No worries Launch features a convenient messenger. Users can easily track and organize all the messages. You can be sure that the employer saw your application and will give feedback as soon as possible. 

One more Launch advantage is direct communication with the potential employer. It is easy to pose any question or ask for details you will definitely receive an answer. 

Imaging checking the platform, and here it is: a message inviting you for a job interview! Of course, you agree. Now, you can set up an interview via the platform’s messenger or get the recruiter’s contacts. That’s it, you just made the first steps in your career path using Launch it becomes a simple process that does not take days and days.

Launch: an exciting and convenient journey towards new career opportunities 

One can notice that Launch is different from regular job search platforms: all the jobs and internships presented on the platform are focused on a particular target group. Such an approach makes the hiring process much easier both for candidates and employers.

The platform offers an easy to navigate catalog of internships, jobs, and events. Using the tags, candidates can filter the offers and base their search on certain parameters. At the same time, companies can view candidates’ profiles and, in a similar fashion, evaluate their competence based on tags. 

Moreover, Launch is not only a job and internship search platform: it also offers many career development and networking opportunities. There is a separate section with events, such as company visits and job fairs. In this way, those who just start out exploring their possible career paths can get all the useful information and connections.

The Launch platform is a guide to entering the corporate world as it offers not only career opportunities but also numerous resources for becoming a strong candidate. Thanks to this solution, there won’t be any expectations vs. reality situations: companies are specifically looking for inexperienced employees while candidates can see internships and starting jobs only. No more first job-hunting stress!

Launch is only one example of the projects we worked on. At Northell, we create UI/UX design and web development solutions based on the unique business needs. If you have a challenge to tackle, don’t hesitate to contact us: we will discuss your expectations and how to approach the project.

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