How to Outsource Node.Js Development Right? [5 Quick Steps]

2584 Updated 09.14.2022
Vasyl Polych

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Node.Js development is a complex process that requires professionalism, expertise and certain knowledge. Outsourcing is exactly what you need if you plan to develop a project using Node.js.

How to outsource Node.js development: General overview

We have prepared an article that will tell you about all the characteristics and benefits of Node.Js development outsourcing. We will consider the following questions:

  • What are the main advantages of Node.Js development outsourcing?
  • Which companies should consider Node.Js development outsourcing?
  • How to prepare for Node.Js development outsourcing?
  • How to outsource Node.Js development in just a few steps?
  • How to outsource Node.Js development avoiding problems?
  • How expensive is it to outsource Node.Js development?

Our team has prepared the most up-to-date information on this topic and we assure you that after reading this article, you will be fully prepared to start Node.Js development outsourcing.

Why do companies outsource Node.Js development?

There are many benefits to working with external contractors to support software development for your company. Features of the work that will affect the final decision may vary depending on the model you choose. However, all types and end models of Node.Js development outsourcing have several common advantages. Among them, we have identified:

  • Flexibility
  • Cost savings
  • Exchange of knowledge and experience
  • Opportunity to improve internal resource management
  • Optimization of business processes
  • Risk sharing
  • Fast scalability

We will talk in more detail about the main benefits of Node.Js development outsourcing later.

Node.Js development outsourcing or in-house development?

Some companies choose to do Node.Js development on their own, believing that outsourcing IT services is expensive. If a business is faced with developing its product, it needs to create an IT company within itself. In this case, the formation of an in-house team and its immersion in tasks requires not only funds but also time − as a rule, at least 3 months.

To outsource Node.Js development and other IT services often requires less cost than building up an in-house department. At the same time, the outsourcer, due to his experience in the implementation of products for various business sectors, helps the company select flexible technological solutions and release software on time.

Who needs to outsource Node.Js development?

Now let’s look at who specifically should think about Node.Js development outsourcing.


Most often, startups aim for a more cost-effective model of work and hire a small number of responsible employees who usually have to deal with several tasks at the same time.

Because startup funds are usually quite limited, some team members tend to work too hard to keep costs down, often leading to unavoidable, unmanageable workloads and, inevitably, mistakes.

However, when you get to the point where the processes in your startup become unbearable and the quality of work begins to decline because employees wear several hats simultaneously, it’s time to consider outsourcing.

Mid-sized companies

Mid-sized companies should consider Node.Js development outsourcing to offload their team and focus on the main tasks and goals of their business. The fact is that if you concentrate on only one process, you can lose progress in other important tasks. Therefore, it is better to delegate part of the processes in time. Here are some more key benefits of Node.Js development outsourcing for mid-sized companies:

  • Industry sector access to cutting-edge technologies
  • You now have more information and skills at your disposal
  • A more stringent security policy for sensitive data
  • Lower operational expenses
  • Increased job security for regular employees
  • More time and attention to devote to other aspects of the company
  • Better overall IT management

What are the main benefits of Node.Js development outsourcing?

Now let’s get back to the benefits of Node.Js development outsourcing:


If you decide to outsource Node.Js development, you can significantly reduce costs. Mainly because, in this case, you will avoid the need to allocate funds for the maintenance of your own development team. Depending on the outsourcing model you choose, you can also save project expenses on infrastructure, labor costs, software, and tools.

Outsourcing service providers also guarantee a certain level of knowledge and experience to the technical staff, which means you can cut costs when it comes to hiring and onboarding. Often these two processes can generate most of the cost of employment, as well as slow down the development of your business.

Skills and knowledge

Sometimes it can be too difficult to find the necessary employees in your region. Especially when it comes to Node.Js development, where the competition in the market is very high, and in some cases, it can take several months to find an employee with the necessary experience.

Outsourcing provides access to competent experts who match your needs, and the intermediary company takes over the search for them. You may also be able to recruit people far from you. In other words, if there are no specialists of the appropriate level of competence in your region, you can find them somewhere in another part of the planet.

High flexibility

Looking at the different types and models of Node.Js development outsourcing, you’ve probably already realized that this approach to work provides a high level of flexibility. Outsourcing allows you to ensure the implementation of many competent solutions and attract experts to the project without including them in the staff. This means a more flexible approach to using resources and the ability to change members of your team depending on the needs of the project at the moment.

Fast and in-time development

Most companies offering Node.Js development outsourcing guarantee the development of the product within the agreed time frame or even earlier. It is important to note that the quality will not suffer in this case.


It should be noted that outsourcing companies guarantee the complete security of your data. You can verify this by signing the necessary non-disclosure agreements, for example. Also, advanced companies use modern data protection methods, so there is nothing to worry about. The most striking examples of such methods are two-factor authentication, encryption, access controls, etc.

What do you need to know before outsourcing Node.Js development company?

You should know a few important things before you outsource a Node.Js development company. Let’s look at them in more detail:

The most popular regions for outsourcing

According to the IndustryToday research, the best regions to outsource Node.Js development company are Eastern Europe, Asia, Southern America, and India.

Considering each region, we can conclude that Eastern Europe is the best option in terms of price and quality. In Asia, for example, there are many good specialists, but the price for services is too high.

By outsourcing a team from India, you are unlikely to get a high-quality result since there are few good specialists in India, so the price for services is low. We advise you to outsource Node.Js development company in such countries as Estonia, Ukraine, and Poland.

Average price for services

Also, before outsourcing a Node.Js company, conduct pricing market research. It is essential to choose a company that offers high-quality services for a reasonable price. We will tell you more about how much Node.Js development outsourcing can cost later.

Specifics of development process

When choosing a company for Node.Js development, learn about the specifics of the development process. The team you hire for your project should offer a full development cycle and the development methods they use should be up-to-date. By up-to-date development methods, we mean, for example, SCRUM or Agile development.

Specifics of management process

Also, an important aspect when choosing a team is the process of managing the team that the company uses. It is important that the team uses modern tools for communication and management of team members. Examples of such tools are Jira, ClickUp, Zoom, etc.

Places to outsource Node.Js development company

We have compiled a short list of the best places to find the great Node.Js development team:

Northell team

Why choose Northell

Why choose Northell

Northell is a team of skilled and experienced professionals who are always ready for new ideas and projects. Our development team consists of mid-level and senior Node.Js specialists. We offer our partners outsourcing and outstaffing services.

This is not the first year that we have been creating smart and well-functioning digital products for our partners from different countries. We create products for businesses from absolutely all industries, so if you have ideas, feel free to contact us.

One of our partners, NWCC, asked us to help make their product relevant for the next 3-5 years. NWCC is a provider of comprehensive construction loan management solutions.

The product was old and difficult to use. The lack of functionality did not allow the product to meet all the needs of people working with the company. Not all processes have been optimized due to human influence leading to problems and loss of time and resources. The task was to develop the missing functionality, refine and improve the product.

As a result, we successfully outsourced Node.Js development to the NWCC project. Our team, using cutting-edge technologies, including Node.Js, has developed a great solution for NWCC. After implementation and a/b testing, we collected user feedback and saw that satisfaction levels increased by 19%. The new functionality has reduced the influence of the human factor and accelerated the exchange of information between personas.

The company has gained a powerful space to scale and increase its customer base for the next 4 years.

Another our partner, Proflourish, wanted to develop a job search platform where job seekers connect with the entrepreneurial team.

The Proflourish team has chosen us as their Node.Js outsourcing team. We managed to build a platform from scratch that is completely suitable for the requirements and needs of our partner.

Social networks

You can also find a good Node.Js development team on social networks like LinkedIn. If you search for a team using social networks, pay attention to the profile of team members or company representatives. It is important that there is sufficient experience, the necessary knowledge and skills, as well as good reviews.

Freelance market

On the freelance market, you can find a good team, but it will most likely take a lot of time. You will have to filter out novice developers and those with inappropriate experience and skills.

Ranking websites

Ranking sites like offer a large number of teams ready to take on your projects. On such sites, you can see the projects the team has worked on, its rating among other companies, as well as reviews from previous clients.

How to outsource Node.Js development right in 5 steps?

Now it’s time to look at the 5 main steps to outsourcing a Node.Js development company:

Step 1. Define your main goals and problems. Build a plan and set a budget

First, define your business goals and the main problems you want to solve with the new product. It is essential to draw up an action plan and allocate a certain budget for your project. With this at hand, it will be easier for you and your future team to handle the development of a new product.

Step 2. Describe your needs and requirements

Next, you should make a list of your needs and requirements. Describe also the result you want to get at the end of cooperation with the team. It is important to describe in as much detail as possible how you want your final product to be. This will make it easier for you and your team to work.

Step 3. Select key criteria for your candidates

The next step is to select the main criteria for your future candidates. Make a list of important soft and hard skills your team should have. We also recommend that you draw up something like an ideal image of a candidate and, starting from this, evaluate future teams or individual developers.

Step 4. Look for candidates. Conduct interviews. Select the best ones

Then the stage of the search, interview and selection begin. It is important that you prepare well before the interview. Make a list of key questions. Remember, the more detailed information you get from your prospective candidates, the more suitable people you will hire for your project.

Step 5. Sign the contract

Once you find that perfect team or individual developer, sign a contract and get to work! That’s all. You don’t have to be a genius to outsource a Node.Js development company. These few simple steps will lead you to your desired goal.

How to outsource Node.Js development without any problem?

We have also prepared some tips to help you avoid mistakes while working with an outsourcing team:

Choose one communication tool

For all the information you exchange with your team to be in one place and communication happens quickly and efficiently, choose one application for communication. If you use several tools at once, you will most likely get confused quickly and not be able to communicate with your team quickly.

Some good examples of communication tools:

  • Zoom
  • Google Meet
  • Slack
  • GoToMeeting

Use advanced management tools

In order to control and manage a team or an individual developer, use modern management solutions. Thanks to such tools, the work will be faster and better.

Some examples of great management tools:

  • Jira
  • ClickUp
  • Asana
  • Trello

Define KPIs and end goals

When working with an outsourcing team, it is important to set KPIs for each individual team member as well as for your project. You also need to decide on your end goal. So it will be easier for you and your team to organize all the work and achieve the desired results.

Here are some examples of KPIs you can set:

  • How much work your team can get done in a sprint.
  • How much work is really done in a sprint.
  • How much time is spent on a certain job.
  • The quality of the written code.
  • and others depending on the specifics of your project.

Price and rates of the Node.Js development outsourcing

The price for Node.Js development outsourcing depends on the country of the service provider, the level of expertise of the team, and the knowledge and skills that the team has.

Earlier, we discussed which regions are the most attractive for outsourcing Node.Js development. Here are the average rates of Node.js developers in different locations:

Eastern Europe Western Europe South America Asia
Node.Js rate $40-50/hr $45-65/hr <40/hr <40/hr

How to outsource Node.Js development: Summary

And so we discussed all the important questions on the topic of Node.Js development outsourcing. In this process, the most important thing is to analyze not only candidates but also your business for the result of your cooperation to be successful and productive.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us! Our team will be happy to help you!

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