How to Hire React js Developers: Step-by-Step Guide

4889 Updated 08.15.2023
Vasyl Polych

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What is React.js?

React.js is an open-source JavaScript library that is used for user interface development. This library is largely aimed at solving the problem of partly updating web pages. It is especially critical when it comes to single-page applications development. React.js is used by such technology leaders as Instagram and Facebook. 

Yes, React.js helps solve a range of development problems. So, many businesses choose to hire React developers. 

In this article, we will discuss why do businesses of different sizes need such professionals, what are the skills that make successful junior, middle, and senior React.js programmers, where to find the best experts, and, most importantly, how to hire React.js developers. 

But let’s start from the basics – who is a React developer?

Who is React.js Developer?

React.js developers are the experts that implement the features critical for user experience. In fact, they are responsible for everything a user sees on the web page or in the application. Together with UI designers, React.js developers create the look of your website or app and ensure a smooth experience. 

However, the question remains – why do you need to hire a remote React developer? 

When Do You Need to Hire React developers?

We will take a look at this question from the point of view of different-sized businesses – startups, medium businesses, and enterprises. 


Typically, startups do not possess extensive development budgets. So, for such businesses, it is critical to cut down the working hours required for the development as much as possible. This is the moment where React.js kicks in. 

This library allows optimizing the reusable components and easily integrating them into the app or website development. As a result, the number of working hours and the overall development costs get lower. 

Also, React.js boasts a great community support. Yes, the wide usage of the React.js library, triggered the invention of tools that make work even more effective. What’s more, React.js programmers contribute to the development of this library. It now has around 180K stars on GitHub, as well as 1.500+ contributors, and, most importantly, over 8 million users worldwide. 

Medium Business

Many mid-sized businesses that have been in the market for a moment now understand that online presence and easy-to-use websites are critical to succeed. React.js, as one of the most loved and used libraries, can help medium businesses a lot. 

With React.js, you can develop a stable application. It is managed by Facebook, so it is not likely to become outdated in the years to come. Facebook is responsible for React.js updates and security patches, which allows mid-sized businesses not to worry about the stability of the platform. 


All the benefits mentioned above of React.js are also applicable to enterprises. However, some other important ones are streamlined testing and faster rendering. 

As we have mentioned, there are many famous companies that benefit from React.js development. Yes, Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, WhatsApp, Airbnb are just some of the global businesses that build their applications using React.js. 

Let’s now take a look at some other app types that can be created leveraging this library. 

Applications That Can Be Built With React.js

1. Lifestyle Applications

It is no coincidence that social media apps are built with the help of React. This platform is a perfect fit for apps where users watch videos, save images, get notifications on updates from other users, and share their own updates.

 2. E-commerce Applications

E-commerce businesses need user-friendly and well-structured websites more than other companies. Yes, smooth navigation is critical if you want the users to purchase on our platform. React.js offers FlatList/SectionList components that make retail platforms easier to navigate.

3. Cross-platform Applications

If your goal is to create an app compatible with both iOS and Android, going React native is a viable choice. If you decide to hire a React native developer, you get to have your application running on both these platforms. With React, the layout of an app is based on flexbox, which works rather similarly on the web, Android, and iOS. 

Let’s now continue with the React.js programmers themselves. What skills should these professionals possess? 

Requirements and Responsibilities

React.js has many applications so that experts of different seniority levels can use it. The professional requirements for junior, middle, and senior React.js developers differ, though. Also, the requirements also vary among projects. So, we will focus on the most common skills needed.

So, what are the primary responsibilities of React.js programmers of different seniority levels? Let’s take a closer look.

Junior React Developer

Junior React.js developers typically have 1-1,5+ years of commercial experience. They should understand the basics of React, as well as Angular. Also, they should be familiar with HTML (5), CSS (3), Javascript, Git, RxJS. Knowledge of Node.js would be a plus for most of the projects. Besides, junior React.js programmers should have a good command of written and spoken English – intermediate level and higher. 

For some employers, it is critical that developers understand MVC/MVVM concepts, understand the basics of quality assurance processes (e.g., Unit testing and remote debugging), and have experience with Server-Side Rendering. 

Middle React Developer

Middle React.js programmers usually have at least two years of working experience with React Native. These professionals should have a deeper understanding of the technologies mentioned above.

They should be proficient in JavaScript (ES6) and TypeScript and be experienced with state management using Redux. Apart from that, your dedicated React.js developers should have experience building mobile applications with efficient UI, consuming API endpoints, and have Intermediate and higher levels of English. 

For some projects, knowledge of Node.js and PHP will also be a plus.

Senior React Developer

Senior React.js developers typically have 5+ years of commercial experience. They should have React.js and TypeScript experience in creating React-based UI. They should also have experience with Front-End environments (ES6, SASS, WebPack, Unit Testing), understand the development patterns (e.g., MVC, MVVM, IoC), know how to build RESTful services/APIs. 

Senior developers should possess upper-intermediate or advanced English knowledge. The experience with other Javascript Frameworks such as jQuery, Vue, Angular will also be a plus.

Now that you know what skills your react.js developers should possess. But where to find skilled professionals? 

Typically, businesses choose among a few options: in-house hiring or outsourcing, freelance platforms, social networks, or job posting sites. Let’s view these options in more detail.  

The Best Places to Hire React Developers: Outsourcing vs. In-house team

Both these options have their benefits. For instance, hiring in-house is easier legally, as there is a single law basis. Also, you and your team fit culturally and speak the same language. 

Nevertheless, the outsourcing industry is booming. Statista states that outsourcing vendors delivered around $413.72B services value to their customers this year. 

Let’s take a look at the main reasons for this rapid growth:

  • you are not limited to a single location and can look for the specialists with the required skill set worldwide;
  • development rates in outsourcing countries are lower than those in the US or UK;
  • vendors typically tackle the HR and legal processes, allowing you to focus on innovation and digital transformation. 

Hire React.js developers from an outsourcing partner: Northell case study

Northell React.js developers can help you with delivering high-quality projects promptly. Our skilled HR experts, managers, and developers will overtake the HR and legal aspects of our collaboration that will help you focus on the business deliverables. 

With us, you can hire React developers quickly, as we can allocate dedicated experts to your team in a week. By comparison, an average hiring time is about 6-12 weeks.  

Nothell has been building dedicated development teams for our customers for a while now. From our long-standing experience, to hire remote React developers, you should select an outsourcing destination where you will hire React.js programmers, assess the vendors’  domain and security expertise, sign a contract with the chosen company, and streamline effective communication. These steps will help you develop a secure product in cooperation with your React.js developers.

For example, Northell experts have worked on BridgeX.

Banner clutch BridgeX

Northell Case Study: BridgeX

This is an educational tool for entrepreneurs-to-be. Our cooperation started with the development of a site map. It was required to understand the logic of navigation and connection between different platform parts. We have also created a mood board with different visual references for the product.

Then, we created wireframes to see what the platform should look like. Currently, we are finalizing the personas and starting the development stage.

As it is pretty much clear with in-house hiring and outsourcing, let’s cover other hiring options.  

Hire Dedicated React.js developer from Freelance Websites

Hiring freelance React.js programmers is a good idea for a small project that should be delivered in approximately eight weeks. If you choose to work with freelance React.js developers, you should consider such freelance platforms as Upwork and Toptal. 


It is one of the most significant freelance platforms worldwide that unites 12M+ freelancers from all over the world. The main benefits of the platform are:

  • thorough information on the candidates’ skills and experience in profiles;
  • number and success rates of their previous projects;
  • customer reviews;
  • clear and intuitive interface;
  • ranks of the most successful freelancers in a certain domain.  


Toptal is yet another grand player in the market of large freelance platforms. Here are its main benefits:

  • the platform helps you select the needed professionals;
  • vigorous acceptance criteria of Toptal, which ensure that only top-notch experts can work there.

Hire Dedicated React.js Developers from Job Posting Sites

You can also hire React.js programmers on the job listing sites, such as Hubstaff Talent, Monster+, Indeed, etc. Such platforms save your time, as the candidates apply for your posted vacancies themselves. 

Hire Dedicated React.js Developers from Social Networks

It is a good idea to look for React developers in professional social networks (e.g., LinkedIn). You can both post your vacancies and have professionals applying and look for experts with relevant skill sets yourself.

No matter what hiring option you choose, it is critical to make sure that they are skilled enough. So, how to check the quality of skills of your dedicated React.js developers? The Northell team has compiled the list of interview questions that will help you.  

How to Check React Developer Quality?

Here are some question examples that will help you distinguish a skilled React.js developer. 

  • What are the main limitations of React.js?

First of all, React.js is just a library, not a framework. What’s more, this library is very complex, and it takes much time to gain an in-depth understanding of all its critical components. Also, coding within React can get complex because it uses inline templating and JSX.

  • What is the purpose of render() in React?

Every component of React.js must have a render(), as it returns a single React element that represents the native DOM component. 

If developers need to render more than one HTML element, they group the elements within a single enclosing tag (e.g., <form>, <group>,<div>). This function must be kept pure, which means that it must have the same result every time it is invoked.

  • What are Props when it comes to React?

Props – short for properties are read-only components in React.js. They are always passed down from the parent to the child components through the app. A child component cannot send a prop back to the parent component. With the help of this logic, it gets possible to maintain the unidirectional data flow.

  • What is a state in React, and how is it used?

States are the core of React.js components. They are the source of data and must be kept simple. They are the objects that determine how different components render and behave. They are mutable and create dynamic and interactive components. They are accessed via this state().

  • What are the different phases of React component’s lifecycle?

React component’s lifecycle comprises three different phases. They are the initial rendering phase, updating phase, and unmounting phase. The first one is when the component makes its way to the DOM, and the second one happens when the component is added to the DOM.

Then it can update and re-render only when a prop or state change occurs. In the third phase, the component gets destroyed and removed from the DOM.

These are just the instances of the question that help evaluate your candidate’s technical level. There are some other aspects that come in handy when you consider different candidates for your project. 

Reviews and Cases

You should view the LinkedIn profiles of your potential team members. LinkedIn accounts show the skill sets of the candidates, the customer reviews, the work experience, professional interests, and whether a candidate is open to new work opportunities. A LinkedIn profile can be even more informative than a CV. 

Recommendations from Customers

Customer recommendations can also be found on LinkedIn accounts. How well did this React.js engineer perform? Are they team players or rather individual players? What are their strong and weak sides? 

Number of Projects

The number of projects shows how experienced your candidate is, what types of tasks they contributed to, what the outcomes were. So, this aspect is vital to take into account when you hire a React.js developer.   

Let’s now continue with the steps that will help you hire a React.js programmer. 

How to Hire a React Developer? [without mistakes]

1. Describe your Project, Needs, and Budget

It is essential to define your expectations clearly if you want to hire React developers. You should communicate your needs clearly and make sure that you and your vendor are on the same page. 

Sign a win-win contract that will cover all the critical aspects of your future collaboration. The contract should include the budgeting, the deadlines, and the penalties in case either of the sides neglects the communicated rules. 

2. Prepare Interview Questions and General Requirements for the Candidate.

Typically, this stage is tackled by your vendor. However, in case you choose to interview the candidates yourself, you should have a clear vision of what candidates will suit your project. Ask yourself what skills (both hard and soft) should they possess, what experience is required, etc. 

3. Gather the Candidates

This stage is yet another one usually tackled by the recruitment team of your vendor. The recruiters create a pool of experts with relevant skills and experience and assess how likely they are to successfully contribute to your project.  

4. Evaluate the Portfolio

At this stage, you need to see the projects that your candidate participated in, what were their responsibilities on this project, and how well did they perform. 

5. Assess Technical Skills

In the case of React.js, you can make use of the questions mentioned above. These questions will help you understand whether the candidate has enough tech basis to deliver the project successfully. 

6. Get Started

Voila, you can start delivering your React.js project. But what does it cost to deliver such a project? Let’s take a look at the average salaries of React.js developers in different locations.  

The rates of React.js experts differ among countries and regions. The cost of living, the seniority level, and many other factors influence the pricing of the development services. 

However, keep in mind that the average salaries in North America, for example, are higher than in Western Europe. Take into account that in Western Europe, rates may be very different in other countries, though. Yes, salaries in Austria, for instance, are higher than those in Spain. 

Eastern Europe offers an optimal price-quality ratio. The region houses an extensive talent pool of 1M+ software developers. The rates here are more modest than in the US, UK, or EU.

Here are the average rates of React.js developers in different locations.  

Rough project costs

Rough project costs

Why Ukraine?

Ukraine is one of the most popular React.js outsourcing destinations in Eastern Europe. And there are quite a few reasons for this. For instance, the country boasts an extensive talent pool of around 30K React.js programmers, according to LinkedIn. 

What’s more, local universities that graduate around 16K ICT students annually ensure the constant talent inflow to the market. 

Due to their long-standing experience in outsourcing, local vendors have the reputation of trusted service providers. Many businesses, such as BridgeX, MeetAlfred, StockApp, and others, have established robust partnerships with local technology providers. 

Last but not least, Ukrainian React developers are similar to their Western partners in terms of culture and work ethics. What’s more, Ukrainian programmers have a good command of both written and spoken English that helps to streamline effective communication with your dedicated React.js engineers. 


React.js can be used in a wide array of business cases. Applications that require clear navigation benefit from using React.js in the first place. 

However, to implement a project successfully, you need to find a trusted partner to hire React.js developers from. 

Want to learn more about application development with React.js – feel free to contact us.


How to hire a React developer without losing a lot of money?

In order to hire a React developer and invest in the budget, you need to understand what the price of React developer services depends on. Basically, the price for React developer services depends on the skills, knowledge and experience of a specialist, the country in which the developer is located, the type of his employment, etc. In order not to lose a lot of money when hiring, at the beginning of the search for a developer, allocate a certain budget that cannot be exceeded.

How do I hire dedicated React developers?

To find good dedicated React developers, you can use:

-social networks like LinkedIn
-rating sites like
-portfolio sites like Behance
-freelance websites
-partners experience

If you are actively looking for qualified React developers right now, contact our team.

What questions can I ask in an interview with a React developer?

Here is a list of basic interview questions you can ask:

-How long have you been working as a React developer?
-How many successfully completed projects do you have?
-Have you had failed projects and what were the reasons for the failure?
-What project are you proud of?
-What industries do you work with the most?
-How do you improve your knowledge and skills?
-What actions do you take when you realize that a project is too difficult for you?

How to hire a react developer with Northell?

In order to hire one of our React developers, you should contact us. Before scheduling a call, you should prepare all the necessary materials about your project so that we can select the right developer for you as accurately as possible. The recruitment process in our company is carried out quickly, and we guarantee the provision of your project with a highly qualified specialist.
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