How To Find And Hire A Website Consultant? (Design And Development)

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Are you a company or project manager looking to hire a website consultant?

You very well found this material to help you find the professional whose job is to support their clients in web development. However, finding a consultant may require at least some in-depth knowledge of the industry to determine if a potential candidate is right for you and your business.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know when looking for a consultant, along with some common mistakes newbies make.

Best places where you can find and hire a website consultant

Immediately, you are faced with the dilemma of whether to hire a website consulting agency or a freelancer. This is primarily a budget issue, since freelancers are almost always cheaper than agencies.

There are essentially two categories of web consultants: freelance consultants and consultants attached to a web consulting firm. So you have two ways to find a web consultant:

  • Use the freelance platforms available. There are several, although a few stand out.
  • Identify web consulting firms by doing some research on the search engines.

Hiring a freelance web consultant has a major advantage – it’s the cheapest option of the two, at least initially. Freelancers are also easy to hire as many websites make it easy to post jobs, allowing freelancers to find you.

Here’s an example of the 5 most popular freelance platforms:

  •  Upwork;
  • Fiverr;
  • Supersourcing;
  • Freelancer.com;
  • Skyword.

However, remember that there are risks of hiring a freelance as well. First of all, a qualified freelance consultant can do a pretty good job, but chances are he is also working in multiple positions at the same time.

Therefore, if you have a strictly limited project timeline and limited resources, it is better to contact the agency. Plus, you won’t always have access to freelancers. They may have emergencies or sudden vacations.

Hiring an agency is more expensive. However, the results are often significantly better and more reliable. We, the Nothell team, a specialized consulting agency will rely on the combined efforts of an entire team with years of experience to address your needs.

Ultimately, choosing an agency will lead you to establish long-term relationships with web development consultants. They will participate in your growth, deeply aware of your vision for your content, and will be able to offer solutions that reflect your needs.

Tips in communication with website development consultants

To understand how to choose a website development consultants, you need to know why you need it. This means that you must first understand what your development goals are, which in turn means identifying your KPIs and identifying how a consultant can help you achieve them.

Then, your goals will dictate whether you need a one-time audit of your site and content or a long-term relationship with a consulting agency.

How to save your money in website development consulting

Before contacting a consultant, you must be fully aware of the subject of the job and interest in the topic. Even minimal knowledge of the subject allows you to appreciate the quality and seriousness of the website development consulting done by the professional.

How to protect yourself from bad web development consultant

Nobody is safe from bad contractors. If we are talking about hiring a web development consultant-freelancer, then the first thing that can be said about the quality of this professional’s work is the rating. Each freelance platform has a rating and comments from previous customers.

And if we are talking about an agency, then an important indicator can serve as reviews on the site and on social networks, but also the company’s portfolio. It is the portfolio that will give you comprehensive information about the agency’s experience.

How to check the website development consultant quality

A good tip is to avoid websites that aim to create ratings for consulting agencies. Often these ratings have little to do with reality, and they are nothing more than the result of lists created when paying to rank companies.

You should also avoid basing your search on a simple keyword search on Google, such as “city/region web consultant”. Most consulting companies in your area will try to rank on these criteria, and this will not be a real indicator of success.

It’s not hard to imagine that the most successful consultants might not rank as high because they get too many referrals and direct leads that they no longer need to optimize. And it’s very easy to check.

You can just write to Northell

The Northell team has years of experience in web consulting and is ready to provide it for any of your projects.


How to speak with web designing consultants?



After you’ve gathered, for example, 3-5 candidates who might qualify for the role of your web designing consultants, it’s time to start asking some important questions:


  1. How successful has the consultant been with previous clients?
  2. What methods of work does the consultant use?
  3. What are your KPIs? How will the consultant report them?
  4. What experience does a consultant have in your niche?


Right Stages of website design consulting

And now we are moving on to the very process of work. In our own example, we will tell you how a web consultant should work, we want to demonstrate to you how a website design consulting should be performed.

The first is collecting information. This step is important in order to better understand the client’s the business and industry, their target market and clients, and the ultimate goal of the website.

The second phase, the website planning phase, is an important part of launching a new website. During the planning phase, you can create an SEO strategy, website map, or content plan.

The Planning Phase also helps clients understand their role in meeting deadlines with content so they don’t delay the launch process.

The third step in the web design process is designing what the site will look like. In this step, a skeleton website is created with the main elements of the web page such as header, navigation, widgets, etc.

In the fourth stage of development, the website is converted into real code that makes the website work. This phase may be the longest, so keep your clients informed of the status of the project.

The next step is launching, and since there are many steps involved in launching a website, it is recommended that you use a checklist to make sure you don’t skip a single step.

And the last stage is maintaining and updating the site, which is vital for a business that is going to use the site in the long term.

What you should wait for from web designing consultants?

It is not enough to expect knowledge of programming languages alone or to have excellent graphic skills from a good web designer.

This job requires a mix of different skills that are useful in bringing together the needs of the client and users. Let’s look at the main for any web designing consultants:


  • Knowledge of technology: Building a website often means facing technological pitfalls;
  • Know the world of sites: or have the advanced technical knowledge to distinguish between the different solutions that can be used on the site;
  • Ability to listen to the client: a good web designer can understand the client’s intentions and translate them into a personalized website;
  • Know programming languages: CSS, Javascript, and others must be thoroughly known;
  •  Know the SEO rules: which are necessary to ensure good site rankings in search engines;
  • Have graphic skills: A well-built website with unattractive graphics will not attract users.

Key Factors in website consultancy



Based on our many years of experience, we perfectly understand which is a good and reliable website consultancy and how he can help the project.

We give objective advice

Owners are too involved in their projects, sometimes to their own detriment. The consultant can give frank advice, which is simply necessary for your site.

We look at the big picture (from the point of view of user experience)

It’s easy to lose sight of the UX of your entire website if you focus on details that may not matter much. And sometimes such details cause performance problems. Our consultant will help you sort this data and prioritize it.

We point out errors and prioritize them

Is it more important to fix a misspelling than a broken link? It all depends on the specific case. And our web consultant will have an answer.

We will help you understand the audience of your website.

And the first thought that should be conveyed is that your site is not for you. Most companies don’t take the time to understand this approach and therefore build a website that they love. For this, a professional is needed who will indicate the correct vector of development.

Planning the structure of your website

Sending a person to the correct page on a website is a prerequisite for something to be done. A consultant can help you design the structure of your website using a sitemap, whether you are rebuilding or starting from scratch.

And this is just a small part of what Nothell has to offer you.

How much does website consultants cost in 2021?

As in any other market, there is competition in the field of web consulting and prices vary from region to region.

Of course, pricing is due not only to the above reasons, but also to the level of professionalism of the performer, volumes and terms, and even socio-cultural factors. However, it should also be understood that each region has its diversification of website consultants in terms of prices.

In this regard, we get the following situation on the international market:


  • North American consultants are at the top of the market with the highest prices, and this is directly related to the standard of living and paying capacity of American customers.
  • Western European specialists are slightly inferior to their American counterparts but still expensive. This is influenced by the level of training and salary expectations of specialists.
  • The Eastern European market, unlike the two previous ones, is saturated with both freelancers and agencies. This created favorable competition, which formed the ideal ratio of price to quality of consultants’ services.
  • The Asian market is mainly represented by specialists from India and neighboring countries, which cannot be distinguished by such high indicators. Except for one thing – mass character. And this massiveness had a very negative impact on the quality of the services provided.

The payment ways of a web consultant are most often expressed in three types:

  • Hourly payment;
  • Payment for the project or ADR, that is, in the “Average daily rate”;
  • Fixed payment.

In the table below, we give you the average web development consulting cost and the design consulting cost for 4 regions:

Web development consulting cost     

  Freelance web consultant Web consulting agency
North America  $100-200/h $150-230/h
Western Europe  $70-130/h   $80-150/h
Eastern Europe  $40-80/h  $50-100/h
Asia  $30-60/h  $40-80/h

Design consulting cost

  Freelance web consultant Web consulting agency
North America  $70-150/h  $90-160/h
Western Europe  $60-120/h  $75-140/h
Eastern Europe  $35-80/h  $45-90/h
Asia $>40/h $>50/h


Wrapping up

Now the creation and maintenance of a website is a very important tool in running any business, and if you plan to make even a small part of your business digital, you will need high-quality web consulting services to stay competitive.

The Northell team has years of experience in web consulting and is ready to provide it for any of your projects. Insofar as only a good web consultant will pave the way for digital success and secure a growing audience in your niche. That’s why it’s so important to do it right the first time.

Discuss your business and tech needs with Northell

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How to understand if I need a website consultant

    At some point, almost every business and website owner will ask, “Do I need a web consultant now? “If you’re serious about attracting leads, being more visible online, and growing your business in terms of visitors and revenue, the answer is YES.

    Whether your business is a small local sole proprietor or a large national or international enterprise with many employees, building the right website is one of the most effective ways to maximize your business’s organic reach and increase its visibility to your target audience.


  • What experience should be in website consultant

    The area of expertise is the No. 1 selection criterion. You must make sure that future consultants know how to meet your needs and they must know the basics of digital marketing as well as some essential tools.

    And this could be expressed in 4 categories of expertise to which consultants must correspond:

    • Many years of experience. The more years professionals have in the industry, the more experience they have. This is usually not always the case, of course, but chances are that they’ve seen a lot over the years, and they have case study gods to prove it.
    • They have proven results. The specialist should be able to provide case studies and tell how they have helped other such companies. They need to have proof that they are results-driven and can help increase your ROI.
    • The ability to understand the big picture. Projects are often long-term. Good experts need to see the big picture when making design recommendations and be able to communicate clearly and concisely about the value of their work.
    • They also need to understand how their work influences other marketing strategies such as public relations, social media, website development, etc., and maybe related to them.
    • Creation of an individual strategy. While some companies may have similar development needs, there is no one size fits all approach. Your business is unique and requires individual strategies to get the ball rolling.
  • Fixed VS Hourly Rates: What to Choose For a website consultant

    Freelancers and web consulting agencies have two different methods of billing their services:

    •  Hourly rate: It allows you to calculate a rate based on the number of hours needed to complete the assignment.
    • The fixed-rate: It defines your price per day or per a specific task.

    So when do you choose one or the other? It depends first on the nature and circumstances of the assignment. For example, if there is a task that requires a specific person to be in the office several days a week, the daily rate is likely to be more convenient.

    And if these are short-term tasks, then it is better to consider hourly wages. However, in any case, you can contact the agency, get full information there and even discuss individual terms of cooperation.