CRM Product That Attracts Millions: 5 Key Elements of a Successful Project

585 Updated 06.17.2022
Natalia Chabanova

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Have you ever wondered why it is so difficult to achieve smooth and profitable customer interactions in a highly competitive environment? Having problems prioritizing sales, marketing, and working with different customer groups? Perhaps, you just don’t understand them well enough and they leave dissatisfied. In that case, you need a sturdy CRM that would give you the power to understand the core needs and desires of customers to offer them the right portfolio of products.

At Northell, we create digital products that help companies and entrepreneurs achieve unique business goals. And we are happy to share our in-depth experience in product design and web development with you, explaining the ins and outs of creating an efficient, integral CRM solution.

Why is CRM Important?

A CRM solution is usually a platform for managing all relationships and interactions with existing and potential customers within a customer-driven workflow. The CRM system helps to better stay in touch with customers and optimize internal processes, expanding the capacities of your workflow and boosting business profitability as a result.

But it’s not all about tools and automation technologies. The gist of any CRM is that it helps build and employ a customer-centric business interaction strategy. Thus, a good CRM solution will help you:

  1. maintain a goal-driven customer management strategy based on the visible milestones and events that helps to provide the smoothest customer experience. The continuous experience of interacting with your business forms the image of the brand and its values in the minds of customers. At Northell, we take CRM design with utter dedication, knowing full well that a bad customer experience is a way to lose customers.
  2. centralize all customer data. CRM software helps store all the info on sales, marketing, and customer service in a single centralized database.
  3. automate business-boosting processes, such as budgeting and planning in various aspects.
  4. focus on top-priority customer-focused processes and improve them based on the monitored rates of satisfaction with the efforts in:
  • marketing;
  • sales;
  • customer relations.

 A CRM system tracks all actions related to potential customers as well. It is a single repository of documents, phone calls, and emails. And once a single interaction with a potential customer took place, all the gathered data is centralized and can be accessed by any other involved employee.

The more your employees and you know about the customers you target, about their preferences and behavior traits, the more likely you are to come up with “an offer they can’t refuse”.

For a small business, with about a dozen customers and a small number of queries per day, Spreadsheets are enough to manage customer data. As the business grows, however, one needs to start dedicating more efforts to customer information management.

Random data edits, lack of sales automation, poor reporting capabilities, and inability to integrate with third-party applications can be a true nightmare for sales, marketing, and customer support. This all results in overdue transactions, lots of unprocessed requests, and negative customer feedback – things that can be easily prevented and avoided with a good CRM system at your side.

Creating a CRM Product That’s On Point

For a company using a CRM solution to reach new goals, it must be enabled to clearly define, structure, and streamline the essential business processes. This should be achieved with the automation of customer-related tasks and processes.

In order for a CRM product to meet the expectations of its users, you need to do some serious background check work. Pay attention to 5 key elements:

  1. It is important to understand the main task of CRM. Why it is created and what content it should help manage. CRM is a more technical thing that involves working with a variety of large amounts of data, so first, you need to understand the goals ─ what content and what data sets you will have to operate.
  2. Based on that, the system should be divided into sections. Simple to use user navigation is outlined. All this is done at the stage of information architecture and is followed by low-level design (wireframing). The task of developers is to achieve the easiest, quickest, most intuitive user data processing and management capabilities.
  3. A very important trait here is a common understanding of best practices for data optimization and the ability to create clean design templates. All that depends on the experience and skill of the developer.
  4. Remember – at the heart of any CRM is the proper visualization, processing, and handling of data.
  5. Surveys of potential target audience members can also help you create the most proper product and assess how well it works with real users.

Today, managing a company without a trusty CRM system is quite difficult, to put it mildly. The modern market offers tons of business management products and solutions adapted to different industries and business sizes. But it’s hard to pick something that would fit your business structure precisely. Which is why a custom CRM solution tailored specifically to your workflow processes is the best way to go. 


Northell’s Experience with CRM Projects

We prefer to share the expertise that’s been tried and tested in the field. A lot of it has been gained in the course of the following CRM projects we took part in.

NorthWest Construction Control (NWCC)

CRM capabilities are especially relevant to companies that work with regular large financial flows and investments. This goes without saying when it comes to big construction corporations where heaps of financial data must be managed most thoroughly and precisely. For NorthWest Construction, we redesigned an existing construction finance control system that now allows:

  • managing construction loan inspections
  • conducting budget reviews
  • storing all sorts of involved documentation
  • analyzing project statistics
  • categorizing projects by time and completion
  • organizing invoices and confirmation letters

The NWCC platform has been actively used for over 35 years so we had to implement the smoothest transition to the updated version. For this, we outlined the design that stays true to the essential features and makes the user experience more convenient with new additions.

As a result, we have a hassle-free interface with neatly organized elements that can be easily handled by any user to work on a wide range of tasks.

Referr App

Client referral is a powerful modern marketing tool that helps entrepreneurs and businesses mutually expand and acquire new customers via joint efforts. Yet there aren’t many software solutions that help manage client referrals out there. That’s why it was quite an insightful experience for us to work on the Referr App, which is a responsive web platform to simply and efficiently refer customers to each other. Namely, Referr allows:

  • creating individual portfolios
  • searching required types of referrals
  • referring and sharing customer details
  • tracking referrals
  • managing referral commissions and rewards

We worked on the UI/UX of the web app driven by the latest design trends and custom features to achieve the smoothest, most satisfactory navigation and functionality for all involved user categories. 

Bottom Line

Whether you are in sales, marketing, or customer support, a CRM system can help automate cumbersome business processes and optimize the way you serve your customers. Keep in mind, however, that the implementation of a custom CRM customization can be entrusted only to experienced professionals.

Contact Northell to let experienced customer software engineers help you create a unique digital product. We will design an inviting user interface enriched with content management automation capabilities to boost business performance, hence profitability, and make your brand leading in the niche.

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