Virliana Tymkiv

Design Team Lead at Northell

Virliana started working at Northell as a UX designer. She has specialized education, has repeatedly taken advanced training courses and expanded her UI/UX design knowledge.

She has great negotiation skills that help her during communication with clients. Virliana also has excellent leadership skills, extensive knowledge of business and design trends.

Virliana is an expert in product testing, namely identifying weaknesses and strengths, quality control and problem solving. She manages 9 designers.

Strengths: work with digital startups and SaaS products.

Virliana has basic knowledge in product development, so she can successfully prepare any specifications and technical requirements for the product. She has successfully completed complex B2B SaaS projects in the field of business automation and has been involved in the development of many CRM systems, social networks and LMS software. She has been involved in such projects as MeetAlfred, SmartJen, NWCC and others.


CRM / SaaS
4 years in IT 70+ projects projects from 30+ different countries

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